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Monday, August 22, 2011

Spider Senses are Tingling: Animal Signs

According to the Marvel comic series ,Spider Man, AKA  Peter Parker, was just an ordinary fledgling young writer until he was bitten by a lethally irradiated spider. The  radioactive "stuff" in the spider's venom quickly caused numerous body-wide changes and immediately elevated Peter Parker to hero status with superhuman strength, reflexes and balance. He also had a precognitive sense of danger which he called "spider-sense".  Prior to be "called into action" he would get a tingling sensation in the base of his skull- the activation of his spider sense.

Whether it's the superpowers of Spider Man, or the lovable characteristics of Charlotte in "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White , and the Disney movie version of the story, we seem to have a fascination with spiders. Or, if not fascination, perhaps a guarded respect. Spiders seem to have a certain amount of power that we don't quite attribute to all "bugs". I'm not a bug fan that is for sure, but for some reason, I don't put spiders in that same category.  I figure anyone that can weave such a delicate and yet lethal web over and over again, deserves just a bit of awe.

Daniel Mapel includes the Spider in his line of Wild Earth Animal Essences. In his book, Into the Heart of the Wild,  he writes that the spider facilitates inner connection and integration. He suggests the spider is a vehicle of interconnectedness, and helps us tie together aspects of self that we feel separated from.

Having spiders come into your life may be a sign that you could use some help bringing together different aspects of your inner and outer life. It may be a sign that you are, or could use help with, bringing what has appeared to be separate or disconnected emotions, activities, and pieces of yourself together into an integrated whole.

I think modern life requires most people to take on multiple roles. Most people have "work lives",and "family lives"  and we take on many different, and often disconnected , responsibilities within those aspects. The frequent "costume changes" and switching back and forth between aspects of your personality can become a bit overwhelming. There are a number of Bach Flower essences that might help with that sense of imbalance. Elm can help if the switching is leaving you feeling overwhelmed with responsibility. Hornbeam may be helpful if you could use some focus and ability to balance work and play. Scleranthus may help if you need help to find balance.

But for some, I think the spider might be signifying something a bit deeper than the obvious disconnection of busy lives. Back to that "spidy senses are tingling" phrase. If you are feeling that sense of precognition that may even be manifesting itself in some physical tingling or electrical way, it's time to pay attention. Perhaps you are opening up to a level of understanding you have previously denied or ignored. It can be difficult to bring that sense of knowing into the physical world so you can use it in tangible ways. Perhaps that's the ability of the spider. The spider has this amazing ability to weave a web of intricate design. But the spider web is not just a "work of art" for the sake of being beautiful. It has a very tangible purpose on earth- it's the way the spider catches food, and a means of transportation all in one. Hmm..

Perhaps that tingling notion, the sense of intuition when you "know" you should pay attention, isn't just an interesting "work of art" either. Perhaps you really need to pay attention and consider bringing that energy into the world. Use your sense of intuition, your precognition, your "spidy sense" to change your life, provide direction, and set your course. Integrate the outside world into your everyday actions, your higher self into your body. The Bach Flower essence Cerato might help you integrate your knowing. Cerato helps you trust yourself and allows you to believe and trust yourself so you can take appropriate action.

The ability to integrate nature, a higher power, or your inner knowing into your body and everyday life, is where the Perelandra Soul Ray essences may really be helpful. These essences can help you stabilize the changes that may be occurring within you. If you are experiencing physical sensations of the "spidy sense", ETS Plus for humans may be of immediate help.

Peter Parker's spider injected him with radioactive materials. Although it worked for him, I personally recommend much more subtle essences to help you find your super powers!  You don't need anyone else to tell you how to integrate your knowing into your life.  But if you want moral support or a push start- visit my website or email me for a consultation.

Enjoy the journey!

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