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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beyond Imagaination

It seems as we get closer and closer to the beginning of 2012 the speed of everything is ramped up. People continue to have to face issues at warp speed and it really does feel as though "change is in the air". That kind of change and shifting prompts the imagination and encourages us to speculate I guess.

I've had lots of conversations lately about what "might be coming", how the world "might look" and what the future may hold. It seems to me that people really believe in one of two theories. They either hold to the idea that the world is about to end in some doomsday scenario, or they think the world is about to change in wonderful transformed ways. Not many people that I've encountered, believe the "status quo" is going to continue.  Maybe people have always felt this way. Maybe it's something new.  It certainly seems to fuel the imagination and be a hot topic of conversation and debate.

But in my opinion, if we can imagine "it", then it's not accurate. I think that if you can imagine something it's already happened to some degree and you're developing a variation of events to create something slightly different. But I believe true transformation, and I happen to believe all transformation is good, is beyond our imagination.

Today's picture is Doreen Virtue's http://www.angeltherapy.comgoddess/ Guidance Card of the Goddess Kali. Virtue describes Kali as the "get things down" goddess.  Kali doesn't fool around with a little bit of tweaking here and there. She releases the old through natural storms, fires, and extreme events. She is a powerful, often feared goddess in Hindu tradition. Virtue writes that Kali will "push you beyond your comfort zone to reach the heights of your potential".

That sounds like "beyond your imagination" to me, and I like that. I think perhaps the world is feeling Kali a bit these days. Kali is all about change. Change can seem chaotic if you don't have faith and trust. Change can BE chaotic if you don't have faith and trust and if you're swimming against the current and trying too hard. Kali is all about releasing the old, really releasing the old, not creating new versions of the "same old, same old". Once the old is released, we experience rebirth. We will go "beyond our imaginations".

I guess when Kali is exerting her influence, the world could use a bit of the Bach Flowers and support. Cerato, Aspen, Chestnut Bud and the Perelandra essence ETS Plus all come to mind.

Cerato is the essence that might help you find the "faith and trust". It can be buried pretty deep and the more caught up you get in the chaos factor, the more hidden that trust can be. Cerato might help you step out of the chaos and admire the view as you travel beyond your fear and imagination.

Aspen might help if you feel the influence of something not quite tangible. Perhaps that "something" is the fear and worry that Kali can bring if you're not centered in your place of trust. If you're picking up the fears and worries of others in what can be chaotic times, Aspen might help with this as well.

Perhaps it's Chestnut Bud that we need to go beyond our imagination. Chestnut Bud is indicated when you aren't learning from experience and therefore keep repeating the same mistakes. Sometimes our "imaginings" are taking us back, not moving us forward. It's hard to see it that way. We think we're moving forward even when we imagine times when we thought life was more peaceful and try to re-create that. This might even explain some of the "back to the land" principles. But maybe a few drops of Chestnut Bud would reveal that isn't truly moving forward as much as it's trying to escape the chaos.  

Perelandra ETS Plus may help move beyond. It can help you adjust and repair those electrical currents that might need some fine tuning as Kali does her rearranging and releasing. In my opinion, the Perelandra essences really do go "beyond the imagination" and may be just the support you need.

When you truly go beyond your imagination, you don't know what you're going to need. That's the point. You can't really prepare, pack a bag, or get a kit together. That's preparedness and survival theory. To do that you prepare what you have needed in the past, or read that others needed, or researched, as being helpful, or think you might need in the future. All those things will help if as a collective we repeat the past mistakes again.  But, if we're really going beyond that you don't need anything except what you have inside you- faith and trust. No backpacks, no overhead luggage, no suitcases, no survival kits.  It's all about traveling light. Hmm...

To imagination and beyond!

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