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Friday, December 9, 2011

Full Moon in Germini & Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow, December 10th marks a full moon in Gemini and a Lunar Eclipse.  This is a pretty big astrological event, so I thought it warranted some reflection in the days leading up to it!

The moon in Gemini really highlights communication. Gemini's are talkers and that's the first and foremost attribute you will likely notice about them. When the moon is in Gemini we wake up and quicken our communication. Conversations sparkle and our thinking often broadens. The influences of the moon in Gemini may make you feel like networking or brainstorming with others.

The New Moon this month was in Sagittarius and that highlighted information and communication as well. So now that this moon is going into it's full phase, you really may feel the urge to talk about things and to talk fast and furious about all that information you have gathered! Sagittarius is a fire sign, and Gemini an air sign so that means the fire that began under the new moon is being fueled to a frenzy now. Both these signs are pretty light hearted but face paced so there is an energy of impatience around this full moon.  We want things to happen faster and sooner and we may quicken our communications to try and achieve that.

This is a pretty fast-paced time of year to begin with and this moon will really accentuate those feelings in us. When the full moon is in Gemini you may  find yourself multi-tasking and being pulled in multiple directions or into multiple conversations. Information and communication may be coming at you from many sources. The Gemini sign is twins.  There is a duality that occurs with this moon influence. You don't necessarily have to choose between intellect and imagination. You may find your perception shifting to incorporate very new ways of viewing the world and the information and communication you receive.

Then there's the whole eclipse side of things as well!  An eclipse is said to shake things loose and give us the sense of being at a crossroads, a time of change.  Eclipse's are said to be forceful tools to cause us to evolve and mature. They push us to strengthen any weakness we may have. We last had a lunar eclipse on June 15th. Eclipses are said to build on each other, so whatever was going on in your life in mid-June may come to a critical point or an end now. I went back to my posting on June 15th to see what I was focused on at that time Interesting... Mr Purple is now Louie.  He is old enough and has enough attitude to howl at the moon with me tomorrow. I guess I better listen to what he has to say! No doubt he wants to write his letter to Santa.

If you've been feeling a lot of emotions swirling around in your head and your heart, you may be feeling the effects of the universe! In this time of Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, the Bach Flower essences that might be particularly helpful include Cerato, Scleranthus, Clematis, and Heather.

According to, there may be a special connection between Gemini and the Bach Flower essence Cerato. Gemini's are eager to gather information and knowledge but can be uncertain in their own opinions. With so much information and communication being circulated under this moon influence, it may be hard to listen to your intuition, filter through the information and trust yourself.  Cerato can help you sort through the communication so you can trust yourself to take only what you need and act on it. The communication "floating out there under this moon" is broad, but not necessarily deep- for that you need go within and reflect and consider what is right for you.

Scleranthus has some similarities to Cerato and they are both categorized under uncertainty. That dual nature of the Gemini influence may cause you to flip back and forth between two ideas, tasks, thoughts, or actions. Scleranthus can help you find the integration between your logical mind and intuitive nature. Once you can integrate the communication coming at you , it may be a lot easier to choose your correct path and move forward through the lunar eclipse transformation.

In my opinion, Clematis is always helpful during the strong astrological influences of full moons and lunar eclipses. Clematis can help you remain grounded even when you feel "pulled away" to another dimension, to dreamland, to a world of infinite ideas. Clematis can help you connect your beliefs, and the information you are receiving with your daily routine and grounded action. It's hard to stay focused and concentrate both at this time of year and during heavy astrological influences and that's what Clematis can help with.  Clematis may be particularly helpful for children struggling with the school routine  in the last couple of weeks before Christmas break.

Although a difficult essence to self-diagnosis, Heather may be a Bach Flower to consider in the next few days. When in a Heather state people are very talkative. Perhaps this gets accentuated during the Gemini influence on communication. When in this state the preoccupation is with self. The person in a Heather state really needs an audience to describe in detail their latest symptoms, and problems.  They want to tell you everything that is going on in their lives. So much information can sap other people's vitality. With the focus on information and communication in the next few days, it may be important to remember that half of the communication process is listening. A few drops of Heather can enable you to be a good listener, able to help others because of your own experiences.

The full moon in any sign, is meant as a time of reflection. When the world is spinning so fast, and so much information is finding it's way to you, it may be that much more important to just slow down a bit and reflect. Shut off the information flow and go within. Gaze at the moon in all it's glory, honor it's place in the universe, recognize it's influence on you and honor yourself. And a howl or two can never hurt!!

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