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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wanning Moon in Virgo

It's a busy time of year, of that there is no doubt. When the lists of what you need to do get extended even further, sometimes it's important to step out for a moment and just "be". Find that connection with nature. Maybe you just need to look up to the night sky.  Today, according to my We'Moon book moves into a Wanning Half Moon in Virgo.  Hmm...

I've talked about the wanning moon before. It's perhaps a lesser observed moon than the full moon or even the New Moon, but, in my opinion,  it deserves some recognition and  reflection. If the wanning moon has a two word phrase it would "let go". Easier said than done perhaps, especially at this time of year.

The last full moon was in Gemini so that might have meant you were bombarded with information and communication. Too much information can be difficult to assimilate. We get caught up in the left brain side of analytical assessment of information and loose touch with our feelings.

The wanning moon phase is about reconnecting with your feelings through your sixth chakra We might really need this reconnection right about now.  When your sixth chakra is clear and balanced you are intune with your feelings and moving foreword in a way that feels right to you.  It isn't about getting the tasks organized and completed as much as it's about doing the things on the list that feel right to you. Once you get in this flow things move much easier, calmer and peacefully.

But this wanning moon is in Virgo. When the moon is in Virgo, according to We'Moon (my source for all things lunar!), we become impatiently aware of what needs to be done, improved, fixed, or healed. Oh oh!  When all that information and communication was flowing a few days ago, the Virgo types in the group got out their pen and paper and starting categorizing all of it into actions led by objectives. The Virgo sign is a pretty industrious one. Those born under the Virgo moon are full of compassion but they can be pretty vigorous in their critique and investigation. They can also get a bit irritated at those people that are gently "smelling the roses" while there are obvious weeds that should be pulled!!

So if I put all that together, I figure this time of the wanning moon in Virgo may be a really good time to re-examine those lists again. It might even be a good time to let go of those tasks that are really intellectually driven. In this moon phase of cautious reflection consider whether or not the  lists and strategies are  right, or are they a little "over thought" and "under felt". When you connect to your sixth chakra you'll be able to tell the difference. You'll be able to feel your way through all those things you figured you had to do and see which ones you want to keep and which ones you could let go of.

As you feel your way through your list under the light of a wanning Virgo moon, you might actually discover that a few of those items were actions you expected other people to do. You might find that the reason those things aren't getting done is because others really aren't  in line with your expectations of them. Perhaps you were a little "over zealous" when you thought that was what they should do. Maybe you could let go of some of those expectations. Hmm...

Letting go often isn't easy.  Sometimes the Bach Flower essence Walnut can help.  It's useful whenever you are experiencing change. It has particular resonance with sixth chakra balancing and the wanning moon. Cherry Plum is also helpful if you're having difficulty letting go.  It's considered the essence indicated when you are afraid you might loose control. This is often interpreted as being on the verge of a breakdown, but if you read that phrase slowly "afraid you might loose control", it speaks to the tight rein we keep on things because we afraid of change

One more Bach Flower essence to consider at this particular time of a wanning moon in Virgo and Christmas preparations is Chicory. When you are in a Chicory state you can be pretty strong-willed in your expectations of others. You can start to make demands on others without really stopping to think about how they might be feeling.  Again that word feeling, as opposed to acting. If you've become a bit authoritative in your Christmas organization and your lists are so logical there's no room for creativity, feeling, and the true feelings of others,  the Bach Flower Chicory might go a long way towards everyone's well-being!

These days Santa is Claus is "making a list and checking it twice".  I don't think he's checking it twice to try and figure out who's naughty or nice. I think he's checking it to make sure he's left room in there for feeling, creativity, going with the flow, and letting go! I hope he does that before he comes to town!

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