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Monday, December 5, 2011

Book Review: SageWoman Magazine

A friend led me towards a great discovery this weekend when she gave me a copy of the magazine SageWoman.  Once again, I guess I'm a little behind in my discoveries as this issue (and the one featured on today's picture) is the 81st issue.  At 4 issues a year, that means they have been around for awhile! No wonder- this is quite a read!

First of all, this is not your glossy full -of -ads- type magazine. There isn't a single make-up or clothing ad unless you count amulets, animal totem jewelry and magic slippers within that category! This magazine feels really solid in your hands and is more article than ad. It feels like sitting down to read a book and I spent most of Sunday doing just that.  There is also amazing artwork throughout the magazine- all in black and white and somehow that makes it feel more enjoyable to me. I feel like I can really connect to the pictures and be a part of them rather than looking at some highly glossed, colorized picture that puts distance between the artist and the viewer.

Each magazine issue follows a theme and this latest issue is devoted to  "Weaving The Web". The articles cover just about everything imaginable from a Wise Woman, natural, "lived life the "interesting" (I like that better than hard) way" point of view. Each and every one will make you think. The writers are highly accomplished women with a wide variety of backgrounds including an eclectic mix of formal and informal education and experience. Many of them have masters degrees in topics such as psychology, Woman's Studies, and Spirituality. Some of the articles are written by professional writers and authors, some are written by beginning writers, but all of them write from the heart and from a wealth of experience and understanding. Reading the bios is as enlightening as the articles. This magazine has been developed from herbalists, shamanic artists, naturalists, Priestesses, mothers, animal lovers, healers and witches. The commonality among them all in my opinion, is that they are all Wise Woman. They all share a piece of their journey.

I learned things about spiders, sheep, birds, weaving, beach combing, being in nature, Tarot cards for women, creating a community, and following dreams.  Most of all I learned a little bit more about myself and I had fun doing it. I was inspired. When reading this magazine, I really felt like I was part of something bigger and wonderful. 

But you need to find out for yourself.  I'll be getting a subscription. As it turns out, this is a good time to support this magazine because they have had some setbacks due to the closure of Borders Bookstore. You can find out about subscribing and the magazine itself at 

As I was reading through this magazine I also learned something about my friend. She didn't give me this magazine because it was something that she liked and thought I should experience. She doesn't have a subscription and figure I should have one too.  I think I may have been guilty of giving gifts for that reason- thinking this is something the other person doesn't have and should. I guess a lot of gifts are an attempt to fill what we consider a gap or hole in the other person, or at least we want them to experience a part of what we have discovered, to understand us through our gift. But she gave me SageWoman because she knew I would appreciate it. She knew it was "my thing" and not necessarily "her thing". It wasn't given so that I might understand her better. She was really "honoring me" through her gift. She didn't see it as something to fill the "hole" but something that was part of my "whole".  That may be the true art of Wise Woman giving and the very essence of friendship.

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