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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve & Moving into 2012

You can start new any time of your life or any day of the year, but on New Year's Eve through to New Year's Day, when so many people all over the world mark the passage of time as a new beginning, there seems to be particular power to a fresh start.

According to my We'Moon book, tonight is also a waxing half moon in Aries.  Waxing moons are dramatic in themselves. They resonate with the third chakra and our personal power. The influence of the waxing moon can cause us to feel a need to move forward and realize our potentials.
The waxing moon is considered to be a time for gaining strength and drawing positive things to you. It is a time for "positive magic".  So the ritual of New Year's Eve on a waxing moon seems pretty powerful indeed.

The fact that this waxing moon is in Aries points to a bit of fireworks as well.  Aries is a fire sign and known for sparking action, initiating fresh starts, and waking things up. Maybe that's the type of energy that really signifies moving into 2012 and, what is believed by many ,will be a pretty fast paced, dramatically shifting year.

Some people consider New Year's Eve to be a time of past reflection, but the moon's influences tonight will be more about moving forward. The caution with a waxing moon, particularly when it is under the influence of Aries, might be to consider others in your plans to forge ahead. Aries can be a little self-centered and intensely self-directed. The third chakra is also about self power and direction. In my opinion, this is a good thing, unless you get a little unbalanced and turn that power into a struggle for material goods or power over others. This isn't a time to force others to see things your way or move in your direction although you may be tempted. It's about leading yourself towards the goals you seek.

If you're following along with Wise Woman from Sweet Shack & Bach Bar, tonight might be a great time to make Lemon Pavlova.  You might especially appreciate the power of that simple dessert by tomorrow!
The Bach Flower essences that resonate with this third chakra, waxing moon influences, are Impatiens, Scleranthus and Hornbeam. 

I think New Year's Eve celebrations have changed a lot over the past 11 years.  In my world, the celebrations changed dramatically under the threat of Y2K- way back when 1999 moved into 2000.  That year a lot of people stayed home expecting a bit of an apocalypse to occur as the clock ticked down- or at the very least a loss in power. The power stayed on, but by  New Year's Eve 2001, the world was still feeling the effects of the terrorist attacks of 911 and again mass gatherings weren't having much appeal. I think for many the threats and possibilities drew people inward a bit and we felt the need to feel safe and secure as we reflected on the past and moved into the new. Perhaps that feeling pervades a bit as we move from 2011  into 2012 . Many people feel the change and welcome it, but there is still a vague sense of the unknown and what it may hold.

All the more reason to draw on that Aries Waxing moon energy and feel the strength within.  In my part of the world there is a heavy rainfall warning out for tonight (a sign of a changing world in itself- it's more common to be snowing on New Year's Eve) and it's unlikely I'll be able to see the waxing moon. But I know it's there. Most people can't "see" their personal power or inner strength either but we know it's there.  We see it in others and acknowledge it's presence.  Maybe tonight is a good night to feel it in ourselves, acknowledge it's presence, appreciate it's source, and consider how we want to use that energy to move forward into 2012.

Happy New Year!

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