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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reindeer Bullies & Bach Flowers for Rudolph

There are lots of pretty lovable little characters floating around out their in holiday traditions. I really have a fondness for elves, but the characters that really grab my heart the most are probably the reindeer.  I love those guys. In real life they really seem to have kind of a scraggly, "bad boy and girl" image that I also like. I love the children's movies about reindeer and of course, there's always Rudolph, "the most famous reindeer of all".

First of all, let's be perfectly clear right off the bat.  All of the reindeer in Santa's team are females. Male reindeer loose their antlers during the summer months while females keep theirs. Everyone in Santa's team, in all the pictures, all the movies,  and all the stories has antlers in December; therefore they are all females. Maybe that's why so many people claim to have seen Santa's reindeer. It's likely they aren't afraid or too proud to stop and ask for directions if lost!

So.. Rudolph is a girl. And at least the first year she lead the team, the year that all the stories and songs highlight, she must have been pretty young- maybe a young teenage reindeer. So imagine a teenage girl, going out in front of all the other girls with this big red shinning thing on the end of her nose!  I imagine her mother heard the screaming: "Mom, you can't possibly expect me to be seen anywhere in public with this huge disfiguring thing at the end of my nose can you"! and , "Surely you don't expect me to get out of bed and go to reindeer school! I will NOT be seen in public until this thing goes away. I'll just text Santa and tell him he has to find someone else".

So I figure the real story lies behind the scenes, before Rudolph ever made it to the barn that night.  I think there must have been a very caring, smart, Wise Woman that helped Rudolph shine her light.  I think Rudolph's mother must have known about the benefits of Bach Flower essences.

I figure that this Wise Reindeer  gave Rudolph a few drops of the Bach Flower essence Crab Apple in her morning glass of apple juice. If she was really smart, she might have got it in there before Rudolph ever looked in the mirror and started to panic. Crab Apple would have helped Rudolph feel better about herself and her appearance. Maybe they even rubbed a little Crab Apple on her nose and realized in fact,  it wasn't a skin problem at all, but a gift of illumination.

I think the Wise Reindeer might also have suggested a few drops of Larch for Rudolph.  Even if Rudolph was starting to feel okay about herself and accepting of her gift, it must have taken a lot of courage and confidence to stand up against the reindeer gang of girls and take the lead.

At least that first year, Rudolph must have felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility.  I mean, there are a lot of people counting on Santa's sleigh making it through some pretty horrific and often changing weather conditions on a pretty tight schedule.  Maybe a few drops of Elm helped Rudolph feel capable and self-assured that she could do it. I think the Bach Flower Elm might also have helped Rudolph schedule in a few water. sweat feed, and carrot breaks for the team during the long night as well. It might have helped her realize that one has to take time to look after your own needs before you can be everything to everyone.

I'm not sure if Santa was fully aware of the issues going on with his team.  He kind of strikes me as being just a bit like a "shop teacher".  Likable enough for sure,very cool in the eyes of all the guys,  but a wee bit distracted with the power tools and  measurements and the urge to build the perfect widget or the thoughts of turbo boosting the sleigh.  I'm not sure he would have realized the sneaky things the mean girl reindeer might have been doing to Rudolph behind his back. 

But I bet, Mrs. Claus saw it all.  I figure she went out early in the morning and put a bit of Vine, Holly, and Beech  into the water buckets because "all the other reindeer used to laugh and call Rudolph names".  I'm pretty sure Mrs. Claus saw when "they never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games".  The Vine Bach flower might have toned down the bullying a bit. The Holly might have got to the real root of the problem: that the others were a bit jealous of Rudolph in the first place, and Beech could have helped everyone be a bit more tolerant of those they were harnessed up next to.

So I  figure Mrs. Claus and Wise Reindeer did a lot of very smart work before that sleigh ever lifted off the ground.  Once everyone was out of their site, I imagine they put a few drops of Red Chestnut and Mimulus into their own hot chocolate.  It must be a bit worrying to see those you love take off to parts unknown at warp speed. The Red Chestnut probably helps them let go of the worry and angst that the sleigh will crash or they will run into a obstacle, or not have the right toys, or be too proud to ask for those directions.  I also think some drops of Mimulus probably helps them get through the night.  I figure both Mrs. Claus and Wise Reindeer have "been there done that".  They understand the life of girls and the struggles it takes to get to be wise and knowing and supportive of each other.  I think Mimulus can help them release the fear that the girls just won't play well as a team.

So to Rudolph, all the girls in the team, and their Wise Woman backers, I say "You go girl"!!

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