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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Melted Snowmen & In-between Chakras

In my part of the world, the weather has taken yet another dramatic swing.  It's warm and raining. It's raining a LOT. It's sort of gloomy out there and it feels a bit heavy. Maybe it's the post-Christmas feeling.  It's slushy and drippy and horse manure that was wondrously covered with a blanket of white is now revealed for exactly what it is!

Our snowman has melted at a dramatic rate.  His pine bough hat and chest buttons have now melted into his rubber boots.  There is nothing in between. Hmm....

Maybe I've been doing too much candy cane smashing,
but looking at that snowman made me think of the chakras.  It seems we put a lot of emphasis on our Root, Heart and Crown chakras.  It's sort of the way the world, even without any knowledge of chakras, functions. 

We think about our base, our safety and security. In fact, we spend a lot of time nourishing, building and working on our root chakras. We consider what we need to survive and we teach our children how to provide for themselves, how to be safe and secure no matter what. For some people that's the roof over our heads and the food in our fridge. For others that the pension plan, the saving account, the solid investments. As a nation, when we see disasters occurring in parts of the world, we rush in to help support the Root Chakras of those affected. We bring tents and blankets, clothes and food supplies. That's the rubber boots of the snowman.  They are still there despite some climate change/global warming happening today.

Most people spend a good portion of their life focused on their heart chakra as well. Perhaps during the Christmas season we got reacquinted a bit with this energy center as we considered the principles of loving one another and feeling self-love, of giving and receiving from the heart. Many people search for a "soul-mate" in an effort to balance this chakra.  Others constantly re balance and adjust this chakra as they go through love affairs, divorce and death of loved ones. Some people find the true sense of universal love. We write books and poems and make movies that focus on the lessons of this chakra. This is the snowmans' chest buttons.  They too are still there, but they've melted into his rubber boots and they don't seem to have any meaning now that they've been displaced.

On top of the melted snowman pile is his pine bough hat. This was his "crowning glory".  It was developed last with much pomp and circumstance.  It made him look complete. It rather gave him his identity as a snowman versus a few bumps of snow with stuff stuck in between somehow. I think we feel this way about the crown chakra. It's often the last chakra we work on to develop and balance but once we "get it" we feel very different. It's your sense of spirituality whatever that means for you personally. In the past, and still today for many, this chakra is a religious focus or set of beliefs. For many, there has been a pretty big shift is what we consider spirituality lately, but the same degree of emphasis is still being put on this energy center.

The snowman had all these pieces. His rubber boots were keeping him well grounded in place, his chest buttons were prominent and shiny and his pine-bough hat was awesome.  But without anything in-between, he's melted into just a pile of "stuff".  His boots no longer belong to anyone and they look out of place, his buttons look like the horse manure they might actually be, and his pine bough hat, without a head to sit on, looks like something that got blown around by the wind. Hm...

Maybe the in between chakras could use some focus and attention as well. 

There's that Sacral Chakra that is the center of creativity, and individuality. Perhaps there isn't much sense in developing the safety and security of rubber boots if you don't know what really motivates you as an individual in the first place. Once you've developed that safety, it's important to bring that security into who you really want to be.

Then there's the Solar Chakra, the snowman's "middle bump". This center of self-esteem and personal power seems to allow the safety,security and individual motivation to come to life. I think this might have been the center that encouraged "Frosty to dance around and come to life".  It's this chakra that when balanced, reinforces the fact that you "aren't just another pretty face".  You have substance, judgement, energy, and the ability to bridge your creativity and intentions with your higher self when this chakra isn't melted into the ground.

Perhaps part of the problem for our snowman was that we neglected to give him a scarf.  He really never had a Throat Chakra I guess. Although he had developed Root, Heart, and Crown chakras, he didn't have a voice to express himself. No matter what he felt in his heart, he wasn't able to express it.  Perhaps he would have asked to be moved to a protected area to avoid the melting in the first place! Surely he felt it coming!

Luckily people are not created like snowmen.  People develop. Your energy centers aren't "placed there for you". They are a part of you forever and always, despite the influences of nature, others, or the events that happen in your life. No one forgot to give you a throat chakra or any other chakra.  It's all there. As a person you are complete, always have been, always will be.  If you're feeling a bit melted or collapsed, you still have the ability to reinflate and reign supreme.  But it might just be a good time to pay attention to the in-between chakras and give them some of the attention they deserve.

And the good thing about a melted snowman is you get to create all over again. Maybe our snowman just didn't want to go to work today?  I'm pretty sure there will be snow again before the winter is over and perhaps we'll build our snowman differently the next time. The fun of building a snowman is the process of creating, the journey, more than the end product or the destination. Maybe that's the point to chakra development as well.

Enjoy the journey.

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