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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Stress? Try the Bach Flower Elm

In my part of the world, Christmas Stress seems to have reached a pretty chaotic peak within the past two days.  All of a sudden it seems very capable, reasonable people are starting to "loose it", "barely hanging on" and "more than a little overwhelmed".

It seemed so universal, sudden and intense I looked to see if there was sort of astrological , lunar or weather related phenomenon affecting everyone.  I didn't find one. Which is not to say it isn't necessarily there, but still.. It led me to figure maybe this is something we are causing all on our own in our "humanness". 

In my part of the world, the end of this week signifies some "cut off points" on the Christmas calender and the "to do lists".  This is the last week of school before the Christmas break and that seems to activate a lot of frenzy.  It seems to me we do this at some cyclical times of the year, and often it seems to coincide with school. Seemed like the same thing was occurring in September

I think a lot of people on a day to day basis manage a pretty intense juggling act between work, home, family and a multitude of self-help, self-improvement, spiritual, diet, exercise, stress-management themes. There isn't a lot of wiggle room  to insert extra activities.  We know Christmas is coming but we just aren't really ready to "deal with that yet".  We get pretty good at procrastinating to what feels like a "far off date". So way back in September when we were feeling overwhelmed by the end of summer, we said we would do things "before Christmas". Now  suddenly it seems, the kids are going to be out of school and even if you don't have children in the school system, it would seem you can no longer deny it's "Christmas time".  With some business starting to have revised schedules in the next week, and then holidays, it's suddenly apparent that items from the "to do before Christmas list" haven't been done.

In the overwhelming sense that Christmas is coming at a  pace much too rapid to manage, it might be a good time to reach for a few drops of the Bach Flower essence Elm. Elm addresses that sense of being totally and completely incapacitated by the sense of responsibility.  People that respond well to Elm are typically very capable and competent. They are often in positions of authority or tasked with managing others.  That sentence sounds to me like the job description of every parent no matter what age or species your "child" might be.  So when these people do "loose it", there is often a ripple effect and the overwhelming sense of exhaustion and doubt spreads pretty far and furious.

It seems like it is often just "human nature" to keep taking on things. Usually this provides a challenge, enjoyment, some ego fuel, and self-assurance, to say nothing of financial security and productivity. But there is a limit and a breaking point.  If you find yourself at the breaking point, where you suddenly doubt your capacity to continue, Elm may be indicated. 

Elm can get you through the moment of self-doubt and the depression of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  But it doesn't stop there.  It's isn't just about taking Elm and carrying on in the same mode.  Bach Flower essences are designed to help you through the emotions that prevent you from making change.  They help you find the balance you need to re-examine and readjust from within. 

The Bach Flower essence Elm can help you put things in perspective.  It can help you realize that maybe if you didn't get to that item between now and last September, it really doesn't need to get done.  And before you just change the timeline to, "we'll do that AFTER Christmas, in January", consider whether or not it's critical in the big scheme of things. Maybe, if you're facing yet another Christmas without having made that gingerbread house, or baking those shortbread cookies, you don't really need to take on that tradition.  Maybe if you haven't got everyone together for that meeting between summer and Christmas, you don't need to even try for January.  Maybe you can move out of your "humanness" and allow yourself to be "less". Maybe you can do a bit less and find more. If you're drowning in your self-created lists, a few drops of Rock Water might be indicated as well

In my opinion, Christmas chaos seems to come on quickly and disappear quickly as well.  There seems to be a window of time when it feels like there is still enough time to worry about what you should be doing, while still procrastinating actually getting them done. At this point we are still creating the lists.  As we move into next week, that window closes and the door opens. By next week you've either "done it or you haven't" and most people find a bit more peace in that. We relax, we accept our humanness and we decide to just enjoy the couple of days that is really Christmas.

But today, next week might seem both way too close, and way too far.  If that's how you feel, take some Elm, consider some Rock Water, rip up the list and remember... "this too shall pass".

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