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Monday, December 12, 2011

Wrapped up in Christmas: Bach Flowers to Match your Style

Okay, I'm procrastinating, I'll admit that right away.  As I type this blog, I'm surrounded by Christmas paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, and did I mention tape?? I really need to get just a couple of presents wrapped up and ready to send so they make it there before Christmas.  It isn't a long "to do" list.  The hard part should be done, but I just can't seem to get those things wrapped up!! Some people really enjoy the wrapping process.  They make a ritual out of it- put on a Christmas movie, get out the supplies, pour a glass of something or other and make it an event.  I just can't get there.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to figure out some Bach Flower essences to take first if I ever want to get this done.

It can often be difficult to figure out just which Bach Flower essence is your "type", or right for you.  It occurs to me that there might be some distinguishing factors according to how you approach gift wrapping.  Warning: this list is not "Dr. Bach approved"- just a thought to be considered:

Agrimony- when everyone at work is talking about how much they enjoyed wrapping gifts by the fireplace on the weekend you smile, agree, say you love it too, are going to get at yours done tonight and make a joke about how it goes better with a stiff drink. But really, you weren't kidding about that drink- you hate wrapping if you really think about it, but you don't want people to know that.

Beech- you sometimes enlist family members in the wrapping process. After all - this should be a family event. But in the end you find yourself wrapping by yourself because really they all use way too much tape, never get the right color combinations and are just always wanting the scissors at the same time you need them anyway.

Centaury- not only are you doing your own wrapping although you really don't like to, you've agreed to do the wrapping for your boss, the lady down the street and the volunteer toy drive. You just couldn't say no.

Cerato- the wrapping is taking a bit longer than it should  because you keep asking everyone else what color bow you should match with each box and "does this look alright". You had a plan for this whole wrapping thing, but you're just not sure if it's right.

Cherry Plum- if you've thrown anything against the wall in frustration , or ripped anything apart in a fit of anger during the process of wrapping- this Bach is for you!

Chestnut Bud- every year you find yourself surrounded by wrapping "stuff" , tape and scissors, and every year you find yourself typing your blog instead...

Chicory- you spend as much time picking out just the right wrapping supplies as you do the presents themselves when it comes to your kids and loved ones.  You know they won't appreciate it, they never do, but you really hope some day they will appreciate all the extra effort you go to.

Clematis- you  imagine how wonderful the idea of a lit fireplace, some mulled cider, all the family gathered around to wrap the gifts together would be.  You considered calling some friends and doing the wrapping together over a pot luck get-to-gather. You 've thought of lots of ideas, but you end up on Christmas eve trying to get the wrapping done alone because you didn't actually put the dream into action.

Crab Apple- you hate the idea of the mess that wrapping presents creates.  All those little pieces of paper, the garbage of tags and little bits of tape all over the place.  The idea of the clean up is what prevents you from getting the job done in the first place.  You'd have to vacuum the floor before you could even set things down on it...

Elm- you feel overwhelmed at the thought of the wrapping.  It took all your energy just to get the presents in the first place, plus you got a lot of things to help out other people because everyone is busy at this time of year.  You don't think you can possibly find it in you to deal with this.

Gentian-after you got all the wrapping stuff out and set yourself up for the task, you discovered you forgot to buy tape. You have given up, are going to eat chocolate ice-cream instead and watch a movie that matches your depression.

Heather- well if it weren't for the sore throat you're feeling, your hip that's acting up, the doctor's appointment you have scheduled for next week and all the Christmas baking you have to do, you might be able to get to that wrapping.  You decide to call a friend and tell her about your latest diagnosis first...

Holly- what really bugs you is those people that can afford to buy those fancy wrapping boxes that require no work- the kind they always have in the T.V. shows. Everyone else probably takes their presents somewhere to have them professionally wrapped, you're pretty sure that's a marketing ploy created by "big business"

Honeysuckle- you long for the days when everyone had only one present and it was a homemade gift that didn't require wrapping...

Hornbeam- you're writing your blog instead of getting started on that wrapping project

Impatiens- you started out okay on the wrapping event, but part way in the tape was sticking to everything, the boxes weren't exactly the right shape, and you don't have the patience to fold everything just so. Now you're "hockey sticking" tape around  the boxes, squashing things inside,  and figuring it's what inside that counts.  Who has the patience to put on bows anyway

Larch- if only you could wrap presents as well as most people seem to you'd  be okay. You think you most likely could if you put your mind to it, but you're worried they won't be just right so you've hired you're 7 year old to do the job instead.

Mimulus- you're afraid people are going to laugh at your eco-friendly wrapping paper.  You really want to use this stuff and you've spent a lot of time creating it from recycled products but it sounded better to you in September when no one was going to see it.

Mustard- you just have such a cloud hanging over your head you can't imagine Christmas even coming.  There's no known reason for the gloom, but you can't seem to shake it off in order to even feel like buying the wrapping supplies

Oak- you'll be doing your wrapping at midnight on Christmas Eve. You do this every year because you always take on a million extra projects at Christmas time- you just have to, it's part of being a family.  You'll struggle through it and it will get done. You'll be exhausted and maybe even too sick on Christmas day to open your own presents, but the wrapping under the tree will be beautiful

Olive- you have been at the mall all day long. It wasn't fun.  It feels like you have been trying to do things to get "ready for Christmas" all year long.  You open the door, carry in the last of the presents, see the wrapping supplies on your table and burst into tears.  You're too exhausted for words..

Pine- you put a sticky on each present apologizing for the messy wrapping. Every time you hand a gift over to someone you apologize for the wrapping as well. You also apologize for not teaching your children how to wrap well. You know it's all your fault

Rock Water- your presents are a work of art, perfect in every way.  If you don't have exactly the right supplies, you go out and get them.  All your corners are perfect, your bows look like they have professionally custom created.  It's important to you that the wrapping is perfect and you'll stay up late just to accomplish it. You believe everyone should put the same kind of care and concern into wrapping. There's no excuse for messiness.

Sclernathus- you couldn't decide whether you should wrap presents or bake cookies.  You agonized over the decision until it's too late to start either one. You'll just go to bed instead. Maybe tomorrow you can flip a coin, or ask someone...

Vervain- you have started a campaign within your family and the community boycotting the wrapping of presents this year. It's way too harmful on the environment and puts the emphasis on the wrong things. Instead of wrapping you are making posters to set up in all businesses to further your cause. You'll stay up late making lists of who you can recruit and how you can take this campaign national.

Vine- you gave all your unwrapped presents to that Centaury person from the office. They'll wrap them for you. They better- or else!

Water Violet - you have sealed yourself off for the weekend to wrap presents all by yourself. In fact, you'll gladly skip the office party to do the wrapping alone. You don't have many people to buy gifts for anyway because you're really not a "social animal".

White Chestnut- you got some of the wrapping done but now you can't sleep.  You keep wondering if you got the right present, if it will get there in time, if you put the right postal code on the box, if you got the right present, if it will get there in time...

Wild Rose- you don't really feel strongly one way or the other about the wrapping. You don't like it but you just consider it part of life and Christmas. It isn't enjoyable but it just has to be done. You'll get it done one of those days..

Willow- you're not sure why you're always the one that has to do the wrapping. It really doesn't seem fair, but then again you do most of the preparation for Christmas anyway.  Everyone else just sits back and enjoys the season, but you work like a dog...

If of those, or a combination of those sounds like you, the Bach Flower's might be helpful to the process.   If you'd like a Bach Flower consult- go on my website and sign up for a consult- please.. it would take me away from the wrapping!!!! Sigh....

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