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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon

Last night was the Full Hunter's Moon according to the earthsky website I found at It will look full again tonight. The big thing about the Hunter's moon is that it assurs us of dusk-till-dawn moonlight for the next few nights as there is no long period of darkness between sunset and moonrise. Good chance for nocturnal activity like dancing, hunting, or in the more recent past- rumrunning! No wonder we are affected by the moon phases!

I was given a wonderful calender/book called We'Moon 2011, by a friend who really understands the importance of the moon. Here's a poem from that book:

In the Moonlight Dancing

by Juliett Jade Chi

We dance in slivers of silver moonlight,

a gathering of women

illuminated in the quiet night.

A circule of goddesses disguised as lawyers,

artists, teachers, office managers and healers.

We reflect each other's power

glowing from the mirror of our eyes,

recognizing ancient moon cycles while

touching the rhythm of the earth with bare feet.

Footsteps pound to the ground,

as if knocking to gain entry back into the core of

We dance to toughen the skin of our soles

and soften the skin of the modern world.

We dance to unleash the anger of wounds and restriction

and tie together the threads of hope and shared

We dance to telephone the goddess within and ask her

how to solve the dilemmas at hand and fuel this

She answers us with a smile, reminding us to keep

to throw our heads skyward and find ourselves again in

the laughter and starlight.

Juliett Jade Chi 2009

Here's to the dance!!!


  1. This morning I was reading my hexagram for today - The Receptive - all yin lines - you can read more here:
    The accompanying image is that of a white mare, her filly under the full moon - how is this for synchronicity?!!?!!
    Maybe, instead of "Hunter Moon", we should call it "Diana" Moon after the GODDESS of the hunt...
    it appears that it is the feminine energy that infuses this moon and the days around it!

  2. THanks for this! I went on the Tarot site and signed up for the "free stuff". It's a great distraction and fun to read- seems very accurate for me!