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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crushed Fingers & Homeopathics

I love the smell of a wood fire, the crackle of the wood burning, the cozy feeling it brings and the satisfaction of saving money from the power bill! What I don't particularly like is stacking the wood. I am amazed by those round piles of wood you sometimes see - like in today's picture. I recently saw one of these at New Ross Farms and wondered how they heck they did that!

There is actually a point to this blog and a tie in to the title. Yesterday out of the blue our first load of fire wood arrived and therefore needed to be stacked before it started to rain. As an early settler I think I would have prayed a lot for rain. You can't make hay, you can't stack wood, you can't hang out the laundry- so many chores that can't be done! Anyway...

I am stacking away when I squish my finger between two chunks of wood- one thrown on top of the other. You need talent to achieve this type of injury but you can create the same result by slamming you finger in the car door, or any door, shutting a drawer or cupboard on it, hitting it with a hammer, or having someone walk on it. You get the picture, the two ingredients most required is impatience and distraction! In the world of emergency medicine the resulting injury is poetically called "a crush injury". Whatever the title - it hurts- A LOT! So I hopped around for awhile (totally ineffective but necessary), put gloves on (a little too late), and went back to stacking wood (painful but practical). About an hour later my finger was throbbing and booming like Wile Coyote's injuries used to on the Bug's Bunny series. It was swelling up, turning purple- very impressive.

Then I remembered that I actually know some first aid procedures- dah! I took 1 dose (5 granules) of HYPERICUM PERFORATUM 30 CH. Almost before the pellets were totally dissolved under my tongue I had absolutely no pain. None! Just amazing. I also took 2 doses (5 granules each) of ARNICA MONTANA 30 CH about 5 minutes after the hypericum with about 10 minutes between the two doses. It was like the injury never happened.

There is a downside to homeopathic first aid. This morning when I got up I have no pain, and no visible injury. I get a big "0" on the sympathy scale. No one would even believe it happened. No blackened nail, no bandage required, no bruise, no swelling, no need to "rest" my finger or avoid work. Hmmm....

Homeopathics can really be amazing solutions for injuries. It can sometimes be hard to remember what to use for what, so if you'd like some first aid guidelines go on my website . You can download my free Homeopathic First Aid Guide on there. We keep one posted on the fridge for quick reference.

So today I shall enjoy the rain!!

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