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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oak for Inner Strength

The Oak tree is truly an amazing creation. They are the inspiration for many poems, pictures, folklore and stories. With their far reaching branches they are often the inspiration for those "spooky Halloween trees" as well. Oak is said to represent endurance, some have been reported to last for thousands of years- perhaps one of the oldest living things on earth. Seems our fascination with Oak runs deep.

Oak is also a Bach Flower Essence. It is indicated when you are exhausted but struggle on, and unlike the exhaustion of Olive which is often as much mental as physical, the exhaustion of Oak is really a loss of inner strength.

Oak types are often strong and reliable. They are very dependable people that are attracted to those who need help and they will happily take on the burden of others. Oak people adapt to difficulties and tend to work through struggles as if the problem weren't even there. They even struggle on stubbornly when over-tired. Oak people often continue on until they suddenly crash or fall with seemingly little warning.

The Oak tree extends many branches but is often hollow in the core. So too, the person needing Oak essence. They work so hard at so many things and for so many people that they exhaust their inner strenth, their core, and often are disconnected from their own issues.

Oak can help restore energy and help you recognize the need to take time off to relax and look inward at your own issues rather than just the duties you have created for yourself.

It can be hard to recognize Oak until the crash occurs because these people seem so strong and reliable and ignore their tiredness. If this sounds like you- look deep inside your core and consider how you feel. If things feel a bit hollow in there, consider a few drops of Oak!

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