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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Olive for Energy

If you are one of the droves of people that seem to be dragging through the cold, Olive might be a helpful Bach Flower essence for you. Olive is indicated for deep exhaustion- the type of tiredness that is both mental and physical. It is often described as being exhausted "to the point of tears". In Julian Barnard's "Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function", she reports Dr. Bach created Olive to help support people that had undergone long illness or had grown sick as a result of the way they live.

If you have been going through a long period of strain through personal difficulties, an intense period of work, a long illness- including a lingering cough or cold, or looking after someone else while they were sick, Olive may be a good remedy for you. It is also indicated for people that have lost the zest in life and no longer enjoy their work or leisure activities as they used to.

Olive helps restore strength and vitality. An Olive tree is renewed from the ground up, and perhaps because of this, the ability to restore your inner core is found in the remedy.

If you're not quite sure if Olive is for you, try the kinesiology test!

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