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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock Rose for Night Terrors

There seems to be something in the air these days that is really affecting kids as much, if not more than ,adults. I believe kids are more sensitive to external influences and perhaps that's why they can be adversely affected by a number of things adults don't see, feel, or acknowledge as real.

For a lot of kids, this creates an inability to sleep. A check on Facebook will quickly reveal how many teenagers really just can't get to sleep at night. Certainly we have the studies to prove that teenager cycles would suggest it is more natural for them to stay up late and sleep in late. We have the studies but we haven't modified anything as a result- we still expect then to get up in the morning so they can go to school while we go to work. And then we complain when they are zombies in the morning when it isn't Halloween! I can also hear you saying, 'The reason they are up all night is because they are talking on their computers", but I don't buy that seemingly easy answer. I think they are often on Facebook and MSN and texting each other so that they can feel connected. It's a coping mechanisms to dispel the fear they are feeling. In my Bach practice I am finding children and teenagers (not quite the same thing!), that are really terrified of something they can't identify or express -but the fear is real.

For young children and babies, there is also a phenomenon known as night terrors. This is something much more than the odd nightmare or having a fear of the dark or monsters or making up a reason to stay up later! If you've ever witnessed someone with a night terror you will never forget it!

There is a Bach Flower remedy that might help the terror these kids are experiencing. Rock Rose is indicated for this type of extreme fear. Taking Rock Rose can help relieve the fear, giving courage and ability to react and work through the anxiety. You really don't need to analyze with Bach Flowers, or even know why they worked- just try it and accept the healing it can provide.

Rescue Remedy contains Rock Rose as one of the 5 ingredients so it can help if you wake up with a nightmare or can't get to sleep, but the other 4 ingredients might not be required and therefore can "dilute" the effects. Also I often find people need more drops of the essences than what is found in the prepared combinations. Rescue Remedy Sleep contains the same 5 ingredients as Rescue and also adds White Chestnut. White Chestnut is helpful if you can't get to sleep because your mind keeps going around and around the same issue. That seems to more often be a adult reason for sleepless nights than teenagers and younger children- although sometimes it is indicated.

Back Flowers are safe for everyone- including infants, the dosages don't change, nothing gets complicated. It can't hurt and it might make a world of difference- just like a good nights sleep does!

If you want more information on Rock Rose, Bach Flowers in general or you want a personalized bach flower remedy, check out my website or send me an email


  1. a friend of mine just sent me a link to your website as my 2 year old is suffering from night terrors...I am going to the chemist now to get my hands on some Rock Rose and I will let you know how it goes! thanks for the info!

  2. Sounds great! Let me know how it goes. Consider Bach for yourself as well- night terrors are a very scary thing to witness and a helpless feeling as a parent!