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Friday, October 8, 2010

Connectivity to Nature

The global coherence initiative (GCI) is a group of scientists, many at the PhD level that are doing very interesting research in a variety of arenas such as connectedness and how we affect each other and the universe. I think in some ways they provide the scientific proof to support a lot of Eckhart Tolle and others work that is very much theoretically or philosophical. This group also does a lot of work on a concept called "Heart Math" that is really fascinating research and supports an alternative to stress management.

One of their latest projects discovered that in 373B.C historians recorded animals left the Greek city of Helice several days before it was devastated by an earthquake. Three days before a devastating earthquake in China in 2008, thousands of toads were suddenly seen moving across a bridge "getting the heck of Dodge!". Chinese authorities at the time didn't make the association between the toad exodus and an upcoming earthquake. It seems toads and other amphibians can detect small changes in geomagnetism and magnetic fields that helps then evade impending earthquakes.

An awareness of this interconnectedness between people, the earth, animals and solar systems has been part of many traditional healing beliefs. As the GCI explains many of these traditions believe in a universal consciousness that pervades and connects everything.

The GCI took things a step further and did some very complicated research to identify what forces might mediate such interconnections and prove this in a scientific way. The results are VERY scientific but in very simplifed terms the conclusions are that when solar wind speed and magnetic activity increase, people become some depressed, fatigued, confused, anxious and dream activity increases. There is a connection between humans and the solar system. Maybe we just don't listen as well as the toads do!

That information may not be new but the scientific proof behind it is and leads the way to an opening in the world of science towards considering the interconnectivity between humans and "the rest of the universe". Maybe if we can truly prove that there is a strong connection between everything we can start to look at healing and the balance of nature in new ways. I applaud research that uses the concepts of science to provide proof of the reason behind traditional values. Sometimes I think that "back up" is needed in the world we have created.

You can find all kinds of information (including a better summary of this research!) on

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