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Friday, October 22, 2010

Natural Aging Product

If you visit my website you'll see I believe strongly in the Perelandra essence products. I think they address the concerns of the world we live in today and help balance us gently in physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

So it's exciting to me that Perelandra has developed a new product called "Natural Aging". This isn't an "anti-wrinkle, anti-cellulose, make you younger product. Personally I think we have more than enough of those! This is about helping you move through the natural stages of aging so that you can adjust accordingly and gain the insight you are meant to achieve along your path.

The following discription, plus the picture above is taken directly from the Perelandra website :

Although our pems levels — physical, emotional, mental and soul — embraces the opportunities that come our way with each aging stage, Natural Aging does not address specific illnesses or disease that might appear during any of the stages. However, by assisting our pems levels to operate and develop fully in each of the aging stages, the four pems levels are more fully strengthened and stabilized. This results in fewer instances of pems-level breakdown during any of the six stages and we have fewer physical, emotional and mental problems to deal with as we move through life.

If you'd like more information on this on any other Perelandra product visit their website or mine ( ) I'll be placing an order for Natural Aging to give it a try. I figure I can use all the balancing I can get!! If you'd like some, send me an email

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