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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bach Flowers for Animals in Transit

So tonight is the full moon, the lunar eclipse,and the final game for the Stanley Cup. It's also close to the end of the school year and all the ceremonies, joys and angst that comes with that. I don't think we could be any more charged with energy around here.

So it seems to me that tonight should just be a nice place of balance between the waxing moon and the wanning moon. That means today is the day to finally "let go" of all the things that you don't want to travel with you into the next moon phase. It's also a time to consider what new things you would like to have come into your life during the wanning moon phase and as we get close to summer solstice.

It seems like this sense of wanting to bring something new into your life has been good for the animal kingdom. I have talked to a lot of people lately that are in the process of, or have already acquired, a new pet.

The transition from one home to another, including the travel involved in getting to a new home, can be stressful for both animals and humans. This is a great time to consider using Bach Flowers. Animals respond very well to Bach Flower essences.

One of the first essences to consider for such a time of change is Walnut. Finding a new home is a major transition in any animal's(and owner's) life. Walnut can ease the process. You don't have to consider Walnut (or any other Bach Flower) only in terms of negative emotions. Happy change and new circumstances that are exciting and welcome can also be eased, leveled out, or balanced with Walnut. Think about that butterfly feeling in your stomach and reach for Walnut.

Scleranthus might be helpful during the plane, train, boat, or car ride to get to a new home. Scleranthus is typically used for uncertainty or indecision, when you are struggling between two courses of action. That movement from one place to another can be a little unsettling. I have had both human and animal clients relieve car sickness with a few drops of Scleranthus before embarking on the journey.

Wild Oat might help the new addition adjust to his/her role in the family. Animals, not unlike humans, struggle to find their place in the hierarchy. Sometimes they can be confused about when to follow, when to lead, and when to stay very neutral. Wild Oat can help your new pet sort out his or her true path or place so their talents can be used constructively within the overall family dynamics.

If you have pet "siblings" that might not be as excited about a new arrival as you are, you might consider giving them Holly in anticipation of a new arrival. Holly is the typical "sibling rivalry" remedy. Animals needing Holly sometimes act aggressively because they are feeling a bit confused or insecure in their heart. Holly can help them realize you still love them and may ease the conflict over your affection.

Honeysuckle might be an essence to consider if you or any of your pets are having some moments of doubt after the initial arrival. If you are starting to long for the peacefulness you had before the new puppy peed on the rug or chewed one of your shoes that was supposed to go with your bridesmaid outfit a day before the wedding (personal experience on that one!), Honeysuckle is indicated. Honeysuckle is for those that have an over-attachment to past memories, and their attachment to the past prevents them from moving forward (or buying a new pair of shoes!). Big sigh...

Any of the 38 Bach Flower essences might actually be indicated as you adjust to the new arrival of a pet. Particularly if you are adopting an older animal or rescued pet, you may need to look at personalized remedy options. In the meantime, Rescue Remedy can make things easier for you in hectic times. Rescue Remedy contains Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis- all of which are great ones to consider. Rescue Remedy is also readily available in most health food stores, and can often be found in grocery and drug stores as well.

I can't wait to meet the guy in the picture. For now he's known as Mr. Purple until he reveals his real name. He's not mine, but I'm hoping to be a "favorite Aunty". I plan to bribe him with treats laden with Bach Flowers!!

In the meantime, howl at the moon tonight. Never mind the chewed shoes and enjoy the feeling of bare feet on the grass. Let go of all old, no longer useful stuff, and welcome in the new whatever your new might be. Put your shoes high up on a shelf and enjoy the magic!!

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