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Monday, June 20, 2011

Tired? Exhausted?: Bach Flowers for Energy

Tomorrow marks the first day of those "lazy hazy days of summer". Summer is supposed to be a easy going, slow paced time of year. Hmm.. isn't that interesting? If the lead up to these slower paced days has you feeling a little worn out- there are some Bach Flower essences that might help.

The two classic Bach flower essences for exhaustion are Olive and Oak. It is helpful to distinguish between the two.

Olive is indicated when you are exhausted in both body and mind. If you find yourself tired to the point of tears- this is the essence for you. Olive is a great essence to consider if you have been going through a period of personal difficulties, intense work, or a long illness. People that can benefit from Olive often feel as though everything is an effort. If the leisure activities that you once enjoyed don't even interest you anymore because you're just too tired- consider a few drops of Olive. Olive can help you restore your inner strength. Olive can help you listen to your body so that you pace yourself better and recognize the needs of your body before you reach your limit. Olive can help you renew an interest in life and restore you vitality.

Oak is also indicated for a sense of fatigue. The Oak person will continue to struggle on despite feeling exhausted. Unlike Olive, the Oak person will have no time to even think about crying. Oak people are usually driven by a sense of duty. They keep plodding through in an effort to help others and be reliable. The person needing Oak is often working for others- many others. Like the Oak tree, this person has many branches that reach out to others in an effort to care, support, and help. Also like the Oak tree, this person may find themselves feeling empty in their core. They have given so much to so many others and the numerous branches of self that there is nothing left inside. The Oak person won't allow themselves to relax until all the duties are done and they ignore how tired they are until they come crashing down. And, for an Oak person, it is often a big crash. They collapse in total exhaustion and often come down with a serious illness and are forced to stop. Oak can help restore energy to this type of person. When balanced, an Oak person is able to recognize the need to relax and look after themselves as well as their various duties. Taking Oak can help you see the need to feed your inner core so the branches can remain strong, being fed from within.

If neither Olive or Oak seem to describe your sense of fatigue, and instead you feel overwhelmed by the work load, Elm may be the essence that can help you. Elm people are usually very competent and capable people that suddenly become depressed and exhausted. In the Elm state, people begin to doubt their abilities and feel they can't deal with the workload. Elm can help put things into perspective. Elm can help restore your normal capable personality so you can return to a sense of efficiency and self-assurance. When balanced, the Elm person only takes on as much as can be coped with. They take time to look after personal needs as well as the needs of others.

Whether it's Olive, Oak,or Elm, there is a central theme with these essences. There is a need to really balance and restore the core. We often get so caught up in our "to do" lists and busy lives that we don't pay attention to what our body needs. Whether it's effort driven by tough times (Olive), duty (Oak), or a sense of responsibility (Elm), we can become drained. Once drained, the body often responds by giving up and giving in to illness and exhaustion. We reach the "breaking point"- sometimes quite literally.

Maybe summertime is meant as a recharging of the batteries. Rather than setting up the summer activities, or struggling to accomplish so that you can relax, it's time to just stop. Stop- right now, today, this minute. Breathe in and out, consider how your body really feels and honor yourself for a moment. Give yourself a break and take one thing off the list of "must do's". Let someone else pitch in for a moment, let the house go dirty, don't take on that new project. Say "no" to just one thing or one person. You might be surprised at how much energy you have within if you pay attention to the need to stop now and then. Consider it an investment for your future.

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