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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bach Flowers for the Pitta Dosha

It's a steamy Monday in my part of the world with the moisture pretty much lifting off the ground as the sun makes an appearance. That makes it a good time to consider Bach Flowers for the Pitta Dosha. The Pitta Dosha in Ayurveda healing is comprised of the elements water and fire. For more information on this dosha, check out this earlier post

The elements of fire and water, when combined, make steam and that is the central theme for the dominant pitta dosha personality. Physically, Pittas tend towards the mesomorph body build which is a medium, muscular build. Pitta's are usually pretty energetic people. They are considered the classic "Type A" individual.

Pitta's tend to be pretty intense individuals. They like things to be efficient and orderly. They are often pretty keen business types that follow strict routines, guidelines, and ways of thinking. Any of the Bach flower essences may be indicated and helpful for the dominant Pitta personality, but a good place to start when considering essences might be Rock Water, Vervain and Cherry Plum.

When unbalanced, the Pitta's routine strictness can become a harsher rigidity or lack of flexibility. Rock Water is the Bach flower that may be indicated to help soothe such an over-conscientious workload outlook. Rock Water is helpful when high standards become self-denying. The Type A personality runs the risk of being disappointed with themselves if they can't meet their own high ideals and that is when Rock Water may come to the rescue. Rock Water can allow for some flexibility in life. It can help Pitta's be more willing to change their minds,consider other ways of doing things, and understand that inner harmony can be achieved without externally enforced behaviors.

The Pitta personality is enthusiastic and can become quite involved in a cause, a way of thinking, a business idea, an exercise or diet. When that enthusiasm becomes unbalanced or out of control, Vervain may be a helpful essence. People that can benefit from Vervain often take on too much work and may try to tackle too many jobs at once in their exuberance to achieve, fix the wrong, and make the world a better place. Like the Pitta dosha, the Vervain personality may suffer from lack of sleep due to their active minds and unwillingness to relax. When unbalanced they can become irritable, frustrated, and annoyed over matters of principle and the actions of others. Vervain can help the unbalanced Pitta calm and settle easier. Vervain helps an unbalanced Pitta be more tolerant and able to relax so they can take a broad view of life and events.

People with a dominate Pitta rarely "sit on the fence". They are passionate, opinionated people that are quick to help, rescue and create. They can also be quick to fly into a rage. When you see the "steam coming out of your ears", it's time to consider a few drops of the Bach Flower Cherry Plum! Cherry Plum is indicated when you feel about to explode or give way to violent impulses. Cherry Plum can help restore a calm mind so you can think and act rationally and not out of rage. Cherry Plum can also help you let go of constricting ways of thinking or unrequired actions.

You can have a dominent Pitta dosha and not require any of these Bach flower essences, and you might benefit from others as well. The three suggested are not meant to be limiting or restricting. As far as I know, Dr. Bach didn't make any connections between the doshas and the flower essences. However, sometimes it's helpful to just have a starting point of reference. These essences are merely meant as a point to start, a place to begin your research, and see what makes the best match for you. Happy experimenting and I'm always happy to hear your results!

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