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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bach Flowers for the Vata Dosha

Self-diagnosis can be a difficult task. I think it becomes even more difficult to figure out what it is you need when you really need something! Perhaps that's why we like to categorize things, and put labels and diagnosis on ailments. Once you have a diagnosis it feels like it is easier to treat. It doesn't really work that way in alternative medicine but I understand the mentality. It is the way we have been trained to think.

Along these lines, someone asked me the other day if there were Bach Flowers specific to the doshas. That got me thinking... While any of the 38 Bach flowers might be indicated for any and all of the doshas, there are some that come to mind as a good match for each dosha, similar to the way certain flowers can be "assigned" to each of the chakras. If you already know which dosha you are, this could be a helpful way to narrow down your choices when looking for a healing essence. Often you just need that place to start.

If you are a dead ringer for today's picture, you might be a dominant Vata Dosha as they tend to be the ectomorph body type. If the resemblance isn't that great, and you're not sure, check out this earlier post

The Vata Dosha is comprised of the elements air and space. That type of light, spacious detachment, suggests the Bach flower essence Clematis might be helpful in times of imbalance. People with dominant Vata Doshas are often creative and dreamy. They tend to spend a lot of time in dreamland and may lack the groundedness of other doshas. Clematis may help them connect with their roots so they can bring their creativity into action. Clematis may also help them maintain an interest in the present rather than drifting off.

People with a dominant vata dosha tend to be quick in action. They are fast talkers, move in bursts of energy, and have difficulty relaxing. When they get out of balance, they tend to become impatient and frustrated. This is a match for the Bach Flower Impatiens. This essence can be difficult to self-diagnosis because when you are in an impatient mood you don't have the patience to figure out which essence you need! So if you are of the Vata Dosha, you might consider trying the essence Impatiens as one of your first "go to" remedies to help you breathe deep, relax, and take the time to figure out what other essences are indicated.

That type of creativity that is common to the Vata Dosha, when it gets out of balance, can lead to worrying thoughts and a sense of restlessness. This in turn can lead to some restless nights and bouts of insomnia for people with this dominant dosha. White Chestnut may be indicated for this imbalance. White Chestnut is helpful for anyone that has repetitive thoughts going round and round their head preventing sleep. White Chestnut can help you replace worry with clearer thinking and an ability to concentrate during the day or sleep at night.

For the Vata Dosha, there may be no constant but change. This person is up and down and moves from bursts of energy, thought and emotion. This points to the Bach flower essence Scleranthus. Scleranthus is considered the essence for indecision, when you are trying to decide between two things. The pattern of scleranthus is that of up and down, back and forth, changing between the extremes of joy and sadness or energy and apathy. During the extreme of positive energy and joy, it may be difficult to self-diagnosis. In fact, there may be no desire or need. During the extreme of apathy or sadness, it may be hard to remember you had a swing the other way a few days, weeks or minutes ago!

The Vata Dosha loves change and resists routine. Although they are drawn to spontaneity and shifts, such lack of routine can bring about an imbalance and can result in digestive complaints, physical aliments, and emotional upheaval. For this, the Bach Flower Walnut may be indicated. Because the Vata Dosha personality brings so much change into their lives, they may, at times, need some protection from this change. Walnut can help you move forward during change, staying steady to a course and a path in life. Sometimes Vata Dosha's need that directional assistance.

Sometimes it's all about finding the right place to start. If starting with your dosha helps you find the path towards healing, then that's a good place to begin. Follow the path, try some essences and see where it leads.

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