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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Today is summer solstice and therefore the true beginning of the summer season. And in my part of the world, it has been a beautiful sunny day, reason to rejoice in itself!

During this summer solstice, the sun is in Cancer according to my We'Moon book, which means it is a particularly nurturing time. The sun in Cancer calls us to nurture gardens, fertilize our souls and reconnect with family and friends. It's a special time of peace and quiet contentment.

The summer solstice speaks to the root chakra and that sense of feeling safe and secure, deeply rooted in the earth. The root chakra is focused on stability, basic survival needs, self preservation, trust and the sense of being grounded.

The summer season is a good time to nurture your root chakra. It's a time to live life simply, to kick back and enjoy what is around you without unnecessary complications or strict plans. It's a time to "go with the flow", basking in the energy the earth provides you with.

If you aren't experiencing that peaceful connection with the earth and a sense of security there are some Bach flowers that can help.

Rock Rose is helpful if you fear for your survival. It can help balance a state of being "frozen in fear". This deep sense of fear can leave you incapable of making decisions to ensure your well-being. Rock Rose can help restore your ability to react and move forward during a crisis.

Sweet Chestnut is sometimes indicated with issues of the root chakra. It is helpful when you have a deep sense of mental anguish. If your ability to survive in the world is heavily dependent on someone or something that is no longer in your life, Sweet Chestnut can help to restore your sense of balance. Sweet Chestnut is particularly helpful when you feel you have met the limit of your endurance. It helps when life has been very difficult such as when you are grieving the death of a loved one.

The root chakra is quite concentrated on feeling a connection to the earth and those basic needs. If life isn't providing you with that sense of "safe connection", you may remove yourself to a dream land. This isn't a pleasant daydream state, but a yearning for better times, better circumstances, a different life. The dreaming prevents action, and can set up a vicious cycle. The worse things get, the more you escape, and while you are off in dream-land, the world continues to fall in around you. People in this constant dream state are often accident prone because of distraction. Clematis is the Bach flower essence that can help bring you down to earth. Clematis can help you put your dreams into action so that you can take an active interest in the world around you and shape it into a secure place.

One of the foods that resonates with the root chakra is ginger. It's a perfect time to sit back in the hammock with a glass of ginger beer, a gingersnap and a really good book. Enjoy the sense of re-charging.



  1. Thanks for the advice...I think I need a ginger beer. I love ginger beer! :-)