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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lady Slipper Plant Signs & Chakra Balancing

I think nature gives us lots of signs all the time if we are open to listening. It occurs to me that in the way that animals can be considered as signs or totems, plants may perform the same function if we are open to it.

For some reason this year, Lady Slippers are everywhere. This seems very unusual as they are quite a protected and endangered plant in many areas of the world. In some areas, including my own, it is illegal to pick or transplant a Lady Slipper plant. Perhaps that is part of what gives the flower such mystic. We are taught to really notice and gaze at a Lady Slipper flower without getting too close or touching it!

The Lady Slipper has a long history within traditional folk lore. In Native American culture it is legend that a princess gave her shoe to an injured rabbit. As she continued on her way barefoot, her foot got sore and started to bleed from thorns and thistles. While she rested her feet, a bird asked the Great Spirit for help. When the princess awoke she was wearing a beautiful pair of lady slipper moccasins. The spots on the inside of the flower are reminders of the marks on her feet. The story is that she gave willingly and without expecting anything in return and therefore was provided for and rewarded by the universe in a miraculous way.

In flower essence therapy the Lady Slipper is said to help integrate spiritual purpose with daily work.

Like animal signs, having a Lady Slipper flower suddenly appear in your life may be an indication that you should reflect on integrating the higher chakras with the lower ones. While the world is shifting and changing so quickly and we are bombarded with so much information and change, there is a tendency to become pretty "clogged" in the 6th and 7th chakras. It is as if all the switchboard phone lines have lit up with callers while more are coming in and you can't manage any one particular message because you are too busy receiving more calls and keeping everyone on hold. Some part of you recognizes the influx of information but you can't bring the information into meaningful action or purpose because it hasn't become integrated with lower energy centers that help us perform on a day to day basis. This results in your head and body moving at different vibrational levels and the disconnect can be pretty exhausting and unsettling.

I haven't personally tried Lady Slipper essence but it readily available and sounds like a pretty good idea if this is the way you are feeling. A good chakra balancing may also be appropriate to help you integrate your energy.

This type of disconnect is also a clear indication for remedies from the Perelandra collection. These essences are designed to integrate energy from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (PEMS)levels. In particular, the Rose essences may be helpful. "Gruss An Aachen" helps with this forward movement of the body and soul working together. "Eclipse" helps you get out of your own way so that you can allow your body to receive input from higher chakras and act on the information, and "Nymphenburg" supports, holds and facilitates fusion of body and soul. With Perelandra essences, you don't have to figure out the definitions to make a match, you just use kinesioloy to identify which ones are most suitable for you. This method can be particularly helpful when your brain is clouded with too much information in the first place!

So, if you feel yourself drawn to, or seeing Lady Slippers maybe it's time to pay attention. The fact that they are out in abundance this spring may not be a coincidence at all! I think this seemingly fragile orchid type flower has been just waiting for the right time to make it's abundance known and maybe that's true for all of us! Maybe if we could just really incorporate that energy coming in to us in a meaningful way we could truly act with the best intentions and in line with our purpose. Who knows, that type of fully connected action might bring significant reward. You can never have too many pairs of shoes!!

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