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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prom Dresses and Bach Flowers

It's that time of year. The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, we are only a few days away from officially being summer and the countdown for school summer vacation is on. For some people, that also signals the elusive hunt for the perfect prom dress. Yikes! This is not an activity for the faint of heart.

In the movies, dress shopping is a very pleasurable female bonding type experience. Giddy girls are seen flitting from shop to shop, loaded down with bags as they skip along laughing and enjoying themselves. Right... If you've been there, you might have noticed a bit of a disconnect between Hollywood and reality. Just a bit.

Maybe if you are a size 0 (what does that mean anyway!), or better yet- size 00!!! perfectly proportioned, confident in all aspects of yourself and your body, and oh yes, have a bottomless pit of money or a "no limit" credit card- this could be true. For the rest of us, shopping for a prom dress can involved a fair bit of angst.

There are some creative solutions to the problem. Cinderella solved all issues by calling on her Fairy Godmother. One twitch of that wand and poof! a dress perfectly molded to her shape, flattering from every angle, and complete with matching accessories appeared. Little Red Riding Hood cleverly deflected all attention from her dress by donning a flashy outer garment complete with hood, so hair-do wouldn't be an issue. This might work for the winter prom, but difficult to pull off during summer. Snow White didn't seem to worried about it all and employed animals when fashion changes were required. But then again, she had 7 guys all fawning over her with not a hint of competition so it really wasn't as big a concern. The Paper Bag Princess had a clever new-age approach to wardrobe, but paper bags are pretty much available in that 00 size only, and if rain is in the forecast, a wardrobe malfunction could be pretty serious.

So what's a girl to do? I recommend considering a healthy dose of Bach Flower remedies before even attempting the shopping excursion. As always you have to personalize your remedy, but here's some that come to mind.

First and foremost would be Crab Apple. It can get you past the hurtle of expecting yourself to look like the petite but curvy mannequin. Crab Apple can help balance your self esteem so that you have the courage to look in the mirror with your eyes open after you've tried on a few dresses. Crab Apple is also a must for bathing suit shopping! Eh gads! you forgot about that didn't you!!!

Chestnut Bud is also a good remedy to consider before the shopping trip if this is not the first time you have been down this road. Chestnut Bud helps you learn from past mistakes. It might help you bypass those stores with the unbelievable prices, those styles that just aren't going to be flattering and the thought that you will lose or gain, 10 pounds before the event.

Oak might be a helpful remedy for the sheer endurance required for the shopping trip. If your feet hurt at the thought of "pounding the pavement" or cruising the malls, Oak is your remedy. If can also be helpful if you have spent a lot of time helping your friends find a wonderful dress, a great date, and positive self esteem and find yourself feeling a bit "hollow in the core" as a result. It's a busy time of year and if dress shopping is just one of the things on a long long list, Oak may help you find the balance you need to continue on.

Gorse may be essential to the shopping experience. Gorse can help you find light at the end of the tunnel ( or in this case the changing room). It is for people that have lost hope and have given up. Need I say more?

If you not the one trying to find the dress, but the one paying for the dress ( think "Father of the Bride" movie), you might want to consider a few remedies yourself. Mimulus can help you balance the fear of the credit card bill. Chestnut Bud might be indicated for you if you've been through all this before. Water Violet might help you find the social skills to actually accompany one or more teenage girls to the mall in the first place.

Finally, if you find your mind traveling to the dreamy world of fairy tales, where dresses are abundant, perfect, and free- Clematis is indicated. Clematis can help you bring your dreams into the real world. There is always a dress out there somewhere!


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