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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Full Moon Preparations

On June 15th the moon will be full and we will experience another total lunar eclipse as well. Seems as though we are experiencing a lot of celestial phenomenon lately. I also believe that once you become more open and receptive to the universe and possibilities for things that you can't necessary see, explain, or touch, like nature's rhythms, and the moon cycles, the greater the affect they exert on you.

We last had a lunar eclipse in December of 2010 I find it interesting that this previous one occurred on the winter solstice and tomorrow's summer lunar eclipse is happening very close to summer solstice (June 21). I'm sure that's no "coincidence" on the part of the universe.

All of this happens tomorrow, but I thought it might be worth talking about in advance. It seems to me that I often realize after the fact, that there were universal nature occurrences that could explain behavior. The emergency planner in me suggests there is some warning or preparation phase here that might be worth taking note of!

The full moon is in Sagittarius. This is said to "get things moving". According to my We'Moon book, the moon in Sagittarius brings refreshing honestly and signifies a time of open minds, souls and attitudes. This drive to action also brings with it a certain sense of impatience, an inability to sit still. It might be a good time to have some of the Bach Flower Impatiens on hand if you are feeling that restless energy. Impatiens is indicated for exactly that- impatience. I personally am on the "frequent flyer plan" for this essence and can attest to it's ability to help balance that irritability that creeps in when nothing in the world is happening fast enough. Impatiens can help you relax and allow so you can move with the flow instead of trying to out-pace it.

Animals certainly react to the pull of the moon and the power of events like lunar eclipses. I have had some horse clients lately that had positive kinesiology tests for the use of ETS Plus for Animals. After taking the essence they seem to be more relaxed and less fearful anxious or hyper.

As I type this blog I have a bird hurling himself at one of the windows. He/she (I realize it'd rude, but I have no idea which he/she is!), started this behavior early Sunday morning. He/she was calm and relaxed yesterday but is back at it this morning. It is quite unnerving to me, so I can only imagine how he/she feels about it! It also seems like pretty strange behavior to me. It is intentional behavior- not a mistake in not seeing the window it would seem. Maybe it's new parent anxiety as I'm pretty sure there is a nest around there somewhere but honestly if he/she doesn't stop it's going to be a single parent family!! If I could figure a way to get ETS Animals to he/she I will definitely do that!!! It occurs to me that there is extra frenetic behavior by the birds lately and perhaps that is because of the moon phase? Maybe he/she is just impatient for the babies to appear?? Well there is hope then because there is an increase in births during a full-moon phase.

In my part of the world at least, this full moon seems to be coming with the "winds of change". There has been strong wind for the past few days and every indication of it continuing. Seems if you combine a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and strong winds you are going to arrive at some type of change. For change, Walnut is the Bach Flower essence that is indicated. This is a good one to have on hand these days and something to consider prior to a full moon event if you feel affected by the pull of the moon. Walnut is helpful for people that are sensitive to change. That change might be very earth-bound circumstances such as moving, divorce, puberty, menopause etc., or change that is related to the atmosphere such as weather patterns, temperatures, winds and moon phases. Walnut can help provide protection from change and outside influences. The essence can help you move forward in a positive direction, free of the past and negative influences of others. If you feel yourself, jittery, "out of sorts" , held-back, or side-tracked during this full moon phase, consider Walnut to balance you. If you feel like hurling yourself at the window it might also be indicated!!!!

Aspen is another Bach Flower to consider if you have a sense of unknown fear. It can be helpful during increased atmospheric changes like storms Sometimes I think when we feel unsettled by the atmosphere, we try to analyze our feelings by putting them into an earthly category and fear seems to be an easy slot to fit into. If you are transferring feelings into fear, than Walnut may be a better choice of remedy, but if you are actually feeling a unexplained sense of apprehension for no reason, than Aspen is indicated. If that sense of fear comes on very suddenly or is a feeling of foreboding, Aspen can help. Aspen helps you replace fear and apprehension with the ability to welcome new experiences and new moons.

During the lead up to a full moon is also a good time to see if ETS-Plus might be indicated for you. Use the kinesiology method to see if Perelandra might be helpful for you This perelandra essence helps provide balance at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is similar in indication to the Bach Remedy Rescue. ETS-Plus is designed to help us cope with a changing world and shifting energies as we grow and expand our consciousness.

More than anything, I guess the message from nature is to allow and let be. Maybe just knowing that the moon is entering a new phase and that there is a greater pull on us from the universe during such activity is all we really need to recognize. Rather than trying to fight the influences, or put our emotions into categories, I think it's about acknowledging that such forces influence us in ways we might not fully understand. We don't need to fight against or fear these sensations we just need to ride the wind and celebrate the moon.

Salute the moon in all her glory!

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