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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bach Flowers for the Kapha Dosha

In Ayurveda healing the Kapha dosha is comprised of the elements of water and earth. If Kapha is your dominant dosha you are likely very down to earth and grounded. There is more information about this dosha on an earlier post

The typical body type for the kapha dosha is that of the endomorph- a strong sturdy body that tends to be thickset with wide hips and shoulders. This body type is the most likely to carry excess weight and if the kapha dosha is out of balance, obesity can result.

The Kapha personality is slow and steady. Not much bothers a kapha personality. Today's picture is of a sloth. I saw one of these guys "up close and personal" once and they have really stolen my heart. They are one of my favorite creatures. They are very much like those stuffed monkey toys that you can wrap around your neck and waist, stuck with Velcro. Sloths are very happy to just "hang out". You know what you've got with a kapha personality, or a sloth. You don't need to worry about any sudden movements, attack motions, or unexpected behaviors.

Sloths are so slow and relaxed that they can have problems with algae growing on them. I guess if you have slowed down that much, there are Bach Flowers you might want to think about!

Some of the Bach flowers that seem to be a match for the Kapha dosha are Wild Rose, Gentian, and Water Violet.

When the kapha dosha is out of balance, you may become pretty unmotivated or resigned to your situation even if it is an unpleasant one. Wild Rose is helpful for this general sense of apathy and may be particularly indicated for prominent Kapha personalities. The kapha personality doesn't complain much, but when out of balance this can become a lack of purpose, or resignation. Wild Rose can help if you lack a sense of ambition and energy. The person who needs Wild Rose likely won't complain about a lack of energy, but they won't move off the couch either. Wild Rose can help restore your interest in life so you can take the initiative to make some changes and balance that kapha dosha.

Kaphas have a slow, easy-going personality that can be a real joy. But that slowness can also develop into a depression. I not sure how you really tell if a sloth is depressed. Like the kapha personality, it wouldn't be a sudden swing into the depths of depression, no drama here, it would be a gradual slide into a pretty dark place. For that the Bach Flower Gentian may help. There are a few Bach flowers that help with different aspects of depression. Gentian is indicated for someone that is easily discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when faced with difficulties. For this type of depression, minor obstacles seem insurmountable and life itself can feel a bit daunting. The Gentian depression is often a slow slide, not the sudden gloom that is more characteristic of Mustard, or the "limit of endurance" anguish characterised by Sweet Chestnut. Kapha's are not prone to drama, but can slowly develop an overall depression for which Gentian may be helpful. Gentian may give them the boost they need to encourage them to keep on trying.

The earth and water elements of Kapha suggest pretty strong, deep rooted attachments to a central place. There isn't a lot of movement or any reason to change things around for a Kapha. The gentle, self-reliant, calm personality of the Kapha dosha points to the Bach Flower essence Water Violet. Like Kapha's, and sloths, the Water Violet personality tends to withdraw and retreat behind a calm facade even when unhappy. They may avoid external distractions and keep their troubles to themselves. When out of balance, these types may benefit from Water Violet as an essence that can help restore relationships with others. Water Violet may help the out of balance Kapha get off the couch, out of the house, and into interactions with others.

The slow build up of illness, issues, or emotions for the Kapha personality may make it difficult to identify when essences may be helpful and which ones might be indicated. The lack of motivation may make self-diagnosis that much more difficult. For that reason, if you do know your kapha dosha tends to be predominant, these essences might be a good place to start when you feel out of balance and could use a little help. In the meantime, enjoy your good nature, your solid connection to the earth, and your overall groundedness.

And if anyone has a sloth that needs a home- let me know!!

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