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Monday, November 29, 2010

Malachite for High Heart Healing

I was at a Farmer's Market on the weekend, rather looking for the "spirit of Christmas" when a Malachite necklace caught my eye. I don't know a lot about crystal healing, but I know when something "speaks to me" and I couldn't wait to put this necklace on- it just feels good.

Crystal healing is based on the principles that the specific molecular structures of some crystals tap into corresponding energy fields. From a very scientific point of view crystals are used in appliances like radio transmitters because they accentuate energy waves. If it works for radio waves, why wouldn't it work for other more ancient healing energies as well. Crystals can be worn as jewlery to bring these healing energies closer to you or can be kept in your pocket, under a pillow at night or placed in specific areas of your house or work place. Sometimes alternative healers will ask you to hold a specific crystal while they work on you. Certain crystals are linked to specific chakras according to color and the vibrational wave.

My malichite necklace came with a tag that explains malachite as the following;
"Very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to spiritual evolution. Especially useful for those on a spiritual path. Also worn as protection for travellers."

A little bit of research reveals that malachite is what is responsible for the green color of tarnished copper and bronze and it can be transformed into copper by heat. That transformation seems significant.

Apparently in the the Middle Ages malachite was worn to protect from black magic and sorcery and in Ancient Greece amulets for children were made of malachite. Some sources believe that malachite relaxes the nervous system and calms stormy emotions. It is said to bring harmony into your life. It is also believed that malachite gives knowledge and patience.

From a chakra point of view malachite is linked to both the throat and heart chakras. Hmmm... so the high heart being that "in-between" of throat and heart seems to really be a match for malachite.

Also known as the stone of "balance and transformation" this points to the high heart chakra where the transformation of spiritual knowledge, intuition, and wisdom can be brought to the physical being. Perhaps malachite can bring that understanding. The idea that malachite has been used for protection for travelers strikes a cord for me too. Maybe that traveling is between the dimensions- the transurfing ideas, where knowledge can be acquired and brought back to the physical realms.

Whatever the potential powers, my new necklace is a beautiful green Christmas color. Maybe that peace, balance and spiritual evolution is the "spirit of Christmas".

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