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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day Celebrations?:Bring out the Honeysuckle!

In Canada, today is Remembrance Day when we honor the memories of those that have and continue to serve their country through military service.

To me, and I don't think I'm alone here, November 11th always feels very sad and heavy and quite depressing. The weather in Nova Scotia often cooperates with this feeling as I can remember many a Remembrance day service standing in a cold rain or at least drizzle while the wind blew in from the Northeast. I have relatives that were decorated as very prominent soldiers in wartime so it's a family tradition to treat this day with respect. I also have friends who have served overseas and have belonged to the military community. But why all the sadness?

Shouldn't it be a day of celebration? Aren't we supposed to be happy for what others have done for us and for the fact that on our own soil at least we are not experiencing war? We enjoy many freedoms and peace perhaps because of past conflict (although that's debatable) so why aren't we feeling lightened by that?

There is no denying that we can develop "collective consciousness" and an overall sense of feeling or emotion. We are so good at having that heavy sense of sadness that we should be able to turn it around to celebration I think.

Maybe we should just infuse the Bach Flower Honeysuckle into all gatherings on Remembrance Day. Honeysuckle is recommended when people are unable to get over unhappy past experiences and continue to live in the past. People who could benefit from Honeysuckle aren't clinging to happiness in the past but instead a sense of regret or painful circumstances. The positive potential of Honeysuckle is to no longer experience the past as overpowering, but to see it as a valuable experience, providing lessons for today. The balancing nature of Honeysuckle allows people to move forward with no regrets, seeing the past as an accepted natural process.

On Melvin's Balloons blog Melvin talked today about the power of the white symbols of Remembrance Day. They represent peace and bring balance to the red poppy as the symbol of safety and security. So lets bring that balance to the day and actually celebrate our growth and understanding- learning from the past as we move forward.

Nature seems to agree with me today- it's a beautiful sunny day here and the first time we have truly seen the sun in days!!

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