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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walnut for changes

Last night was an incredible Full Moon- thank you Melvin! If any of you don't know about Melvin's Balloons check out the children's writing page on my website at or you can order a copy at

Fall is a wonderful time of year and all of nature's changes come for a reason, but if the changes have you feeling uncomfortable, the Bach flower essence Walnut might be helpful to smooth things out.

Walnut is recommended for protection from change and outside influences. It is particularly helpful when you are finding it difficult to adapt to change or are over-sensitive to ideas, atmospheres and influences. It is often recommended for major life changes such as divorce, puberty, menopause, job changes, moving, loss of friends and family... and the list goes on.

Walnut can help you move forward on your chosen path, free from the past and the objections or ridicule of others. Because of it's ability to help protect against outside influences and stronger personalities, it is often recommended for therapists, healers and counsellors when dealing with emotionally troubled or draining clients.

Let's enjoy the season, embrace the changes and move forward!


  1. this is interesting, Heather, and puts a different perspective on mother-daughter relationships for me ;o).
    As long as I can remember, my mother loved walnut trees. In fact, I remember that our family bought a weekend property just because it had this huge walnut tree on it. Then, for her 89th birthday, mother's friends gave and planted her a beautiful little walnut tree, which grows very healthily in front of my kitchen window. Last summer, my children and I spread mother's ashes around it in accordance with her wishes.
    Hmmm, maybe mother needed all that walnut energy to protect herself from the "troubling and draining" personalities of her daughters...??

  2. Maybe it was to protect her daughters from the evils lurking out there!!