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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Impatiens: Bach Flower for patient relaxation

The world is spinning pretty fast these days, of that I am sure. It is hard not to get caught up in the spin and chaos and sometimes this can lead to the feeling that no matter how fast things occur, they aren't fast enough! So if you were the kind of kid that kept pressing and pressing that top until it just couldn't possibly keep up (I know this from experience!), then the Bach Flower essence Impatiens may be of help to you! As I look at my blog entry and comments from yesterday and my feelings about Haiti I realize I should consider my own advice and just sit back and "let be" a bit.

Impatiens is exactly as the name suggests, for people that are impatient. It is also for those that are easily irritated. It is helpful when you are wanting everything to happen instantly and you find yourself acting, speaking and moving quickly. When you are trying to pull the paper out of the laser printer because it is too slow, you stop the microwave before the 1 minute time is up because you can't wait that long, pop the toaster up rather than wait etc. etc. People that are prone to need Impatiens from time to time are usually capable and independent (whew, that makes me feel better!), but they prefer to work alone because they are easily frustrated by slower co-workers and time wasting. Hmm...

If I have described anyone besides myself, you might want to consider a couple of drops of Impatiens to help you relax, remain good-humored with others and cope calmly and diplomatically with irritating problems. If you find yourself with more bruises and injuries in an "accident prone" cycle, that can also be a clue. Impatiens can help you slow down in a fast paced world.

If you'd like more information on Impatiens or any other Bach flower essence check out my website or send me an email- now you know I check them constantly because I just can't stand to wait!!

And if you were thinking of buying that spinning top in the picture- slow down and read the reports- it's on a recall list due to lead paint- sorry Pooh Bear...

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  1. I am not really quite sure to which posting I am replying. Guess, it applies to both of your last ones.
    When, some years ago, I drove with my then young teenage boys through Alberta and we saw, for the first time, feed lots, we were really affected. Here was an example of life being treated without a thought involving dignity or respect. In feed lots animals await slaughter while being injected with hormones for meat growth and antibiotics for disease control. These animals become products before turning into roasts, steaks or hamburgers.
    My boys, then 14 years old asked: "What can we do to stop this, Mom???" Yup, the question every responsible parent fears... "What can we do...?"
    My answer was, "it is difficult to change the workd, but we can start at home and stop to eat supermarket meat." It worked for a while (one of the boys actually turned vegetarian for a year). Distance, though, makes us forget. We slip back into old habits, principles weaken and good intentions wane.
    Unless change happens quickly, we lose motivation. "What I don't know, doesn't harm me" - well, yes, it does!! I know that now. And more than ever before, I am convinced that we all have power to change things. We don't need to rush, push, or frantically rally for change (although there are causes which require exactly that), but we can simply refuse to be part of the mass manipulation, we can be the rock that blocks the road... simply by sticking to our convictions and living them in our daily lives. More and more people are doing exactly that. And things are changing at the moment - and at an incredible speed! So, if we need to balance ourselves by taking Impatiens, so be it. But lets continue to live according to our belief in a world that has Integrity - and if you ask me, the sooner the better!! Heather, hand me that bottle of Impatiens!