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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Treating a Horse Cough

Cutie, our miniature horse (who believes he is a gigantic Belgian!) has had a bad dry cough for the past few weeks. We are suspicious he initially reacted to some bad hay from the end of last year's supply. The cough is really deep and dry- doesn't come and go with activity- just sometimes is and sometimes isn't. We are treating it using a variety of alternative health agents. We started out using Perelandra Immune and Ionic/colloidial silver. Then switched from Immune to Perelandra Lymphatic then from Lymphatic to Cellular. We have continued the silver throughout. All these have made big differences and the cough is less frequent but still lingering. Yesterday we started him on Omega Alpha Equine Lung Flush. It is a combination of herbal extracts and I have heard good things about it. We will keep up with the ionic/colloidal as well. Will keep you posted. Maybe once his cough is cleared up Cutie will provide a less hidden picture!

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  1. It's been a week of Lung Flush and colloidal silver with no changes. We have increased the amount of colloidal silver and have also started with a homeopathic- Ignatia, often sold as Iamara. It is indicated for a dry hacking cough that is worse at night. Seems to fit the description. We'll see...