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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red Shoes and Thursdays

So why the picture of Dorothy's Ruby Red shoes from the Wizard of Oz? Ahh... glad you asked...

For my friend that sees the days of the week as colors, Thursday is red. And red is also the color that resonates with the first or root chakra. As the first chakra to be developed the root chakra, when balanced, provides a sense of safety,security and trust.

I recently had an email conversation with another friend of mine as she was traveling internationally. She had taken my children's book "Melvin's Balloons" with her on the plane as the first chance she had to read it. As she read about the red balloon and the emotions attached to the color she realized she was wearing red shoes and a red vest. She figures she may have sub-consciously chosen those colors to provide her with a sense of safety while traveling. I agreed and it struck me that red shoes might be the ultimate way to really ground yourself- safe and secure in your position in the world. Then I remembered Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and how all she had to do was click the heels of her ruby red shoes to get back home to safety and the security of the world she knew.

So maybe I really should go buy those red flats (not the ones in the picture!) I have been admiring in the expensive shoe store! Perhaps I could claim them as a business expense- office supplies, experimental materials, or something like that!!

In fact, I might need those red shoes today. My website is officially launched and this is a step I must say that took me out of my feelings of safety and security. It's likely if you're reading this blog you've already been to my website but if you somehow found the blog and not the site, check out

To discover more about the world of colors and how they are linked to emotions,you can also buy copies of Melvin's Balloons through my website or through the publisher's site at

Have a safe and happy Thursday!

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