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Friday, September 10, 2010

The beginning (gulp!)

As part of a new look and vision for Pixie Dust Healing and to support it's website creation, I am officially "starting a blog". Okay so I watched "Julia and Julie" (or was it the other way around).. I can do this... gulp.

I do have great intentions for this blog. I feel I am on an amazing journey and it's no longer fair to keep it within myself. I intend to bare my soul, safe in the knowing that I'm by no means alone in this journey.

I want this blog to be an exchange of ideas, thoughts and emotions as we evolve through an ever changing world. On a more practical note, in keeping with Pixie Dust Healing, the blog will provide healing suggestions, alternative therapies, eplanations for current events, and way to thrive as we evolve.

At Pixie Dust Healing ( we believe true healing comes from sources not fully understood and often from within. Healing isn't about attaching a diagnosis it's sometimes about trust and discovering faith and power within you.

"You bring the faith and trust- we supply the pixie dust".

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