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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cold & Flu Season

A trip to the mall the other day revealed to me that once again it's cold and flu season! Maybe this isn't so much a "season" anymore...

There are a lot of alternative treatments for colds and the flu- in fact, so many that it can become quite a confusing mix of options.

In my life as an emergency manager, I really support the notion of having a family emergency preparedness plan for illness. I believe this should include having a stored supply of the things you and your family would need if everyone was sick at the same time. That includes easily prepared comfort foods (canned soup, crackers and juice are the easiest to stock- although not the most nutritious) tissues and toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and a supply of the medicines or treatments your family typically needs when they are sick. Having this on hand means you aren't going to the drug store when you feel lousy, are at your most contagious, or the store shelves are emptied out because everyone feels the same way!

The decision on what medicines/treatment options to stock is personal and it's best if you aren't making these major decisions at the time when you actually feel lousy, so some pre-planning for this goes a long way.

There are some good homeopathic combos out there for flu and cold symptoms that are readily available in grocery and health food stores and there are lots of natural home treatments specific for certain symptoms. Colloidal silver can be used to disinfect and is worth researching as well.

Personally, this year I'm stocking up on Perelandra Flu Season Balancing Solution. It is recommended as an immune booster taken before anyone is sick and the dose is increased during local or family outbreaks. It can be supplemented with Immune and Lymphatic solutions as well. A 2 oz bottle of Perelandra Flu Solution if taken as directed should last about 3 months per person. Perelandra products are essence solutions. You can find more information on these products and order directly from their website You can also order any perelandra products through me at

Being prepared for family outbreaks is just good emergency preparedness and like all preparedness plans, once you've considered the impacts and addressed the issues through planning you can eliminate the fear and anxiety.

Be Prepared not Scared!


  1. my grandmother swore by a daily glass of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (preferably organic)and honey added during the entire autumn season to fend off flu or cold bugs. After a while, it started to taste actually pretty good and we were looking forward to this daily drink (our bodies must have liked it, otherwise it says something about our de/(fer)mented tastes..;o). And, sure enough, we were a pretty healthy bunch.

  2. Good idea. I give apple cider vinegar to the horses sometimes to boost immune- they love it. I also know lots of people that take a teaspoon of it a day for joint pain, arthritic type complaints.

    I can't yet make myself drink it... will give it a try...