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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ruby's Rain

According to the "days of the week color scheme" Friday is a grayish color. It feels like that today. And here in my part of the world it is raining. Feels right to me, and I consider it "Ruby's Rain". This is because Ruby the bloodhound left this earth yesterday for bigger and better things. For those that knew Ruby she seemed like a "wise woman" in a bloodhound body. She left this earth with as much acceptance, knowing and confidence that she displayed while here. We gave her Perelandra drops to ease her passing, gave her canine buddy Perelandra ETS for pets, and gave her human friends Perelandra ETS Plus through the process. Seemed like Ruby had been practicing connecting with the "beyond" for awhile now and her passing was very peaceful. It's hard to let go of the attachment felt to her velvet ears, her soulful eyes, and her physical presence but we appreciate the opportunity to have met her in this lifetime and wish her all the best for her next great adventure!

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