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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chakra Foods

I'm still working on Chakras. In fact I'm doing some research for a novel that will involve chakras, food, colors, Bach flowers and women- at least that's the plan. It's an advanced, adult version of Melvin's Balloons. There, having written that in my blog I now feel like I really have to stick with it and not abandon this writing idea like so many others! Hmm....

I have discovered that certain foods and spices are linked to different chakras. Ginger for instance is linked to the first or root chakra. The root chakra is related to the feelings and developmental stages of safety and security. When it is balanced we feel confident that our basic needs are being provided. If you have faith and trust that your needs will be met, your root chakra may be balanced and healthy. If however you are fearful, overly concerned about materialistic things, emotionally needy or find yourself engaging in overly risky physical activities "just because", your root chakra may be unbalanced- either too open or blocked.

If you can actually smell those ginger cookies on today's picture and if that brings your emotions to a time when you felt particularly cared for, safe and secure- perhaps memories of a mother or grandmother or a favorite Aunt it may be that your root chakra does resonate with ginger and basic comforts. The smell of "Nannie's Ginger Cookies" baking is particularly reassuring on some basic level.

Maybe that's what we really mean by comfort foods. Certain foods help comfort unbalanced chakras or at least make us consider those particular deep emotions.

If you are feeling particularly emotional today anyway, consider the fact that it is a Full Moon. Not only is it full, apparently it is a Full Moon in Taurus which can translate into particularly emotional and tearful times. A Full Moon is said to stir emotion and the illumination of the full moon corresponds to illumination of self when you see yourself objectively and consider if what you want in your heart is actually manifest in your life. Sounds a bit like a connection to that High Heart Chakra again from yesterday's entry!

So if it's a bit of basic security you feel you are missing, let the tears flow and then consider a batch of real homemade ginger cookies or a cup of ginger tea. They don't have to be made for you- create your own security!

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  1. well, that full moon explains it then: yesterday evening, I watched a cd made by a friend as a tribute to his wife, who passed over three years ago.
    It is one of the most beautiful declarations of love I have come across. About 5 minutes into the movie, I stood up from my chair and started to move to the music - actually, the music choices really don't leave you with the option to sit still - and, more surprisingly for me, my tears started to flow and flow and flow...
    What was I crying for or about? What did the moon illuminate here? Hhhmmm....I think the answer cannot be contemplated without a decent stack of ginger cookies - very true! Now the challenge is to find exactly the right kind of ginger cookie (there is no other cookie in my life that requires such careful choosing).
    For now, ginger essence on the wood stove might just have to do.