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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bird Flu, Flu Vaccines & Alternative Choices

Last year at this time we were at the height of the H1N1 or "swine flu" outbreak. So far this year, we haven't heard much talk of any influenza outbreaks. The flu vaccine is making the rounds again, and just in the past few weeks I have talked to a lot of people who once again are questioning whether or not to get it. A few days ago there has been a confirmed case of bird flu in a flock of turkeys in Manitoba. The farm is under quarantine and they have yet to identify the strain of virus. It is not a reason for panic, but if it gets picked up in the media it could be the tipping point that triggers a lot of anxiety as people inaccurately, without facts interpret the risk as high. Bird virus's do have a history of mutating to cause issues in humans.

This is therefore a good time to really consider your choices and educate yourself so you know what you want to do to protect and treat yourself and your family from illness.

During the H1N1 outbreak, a lot of people were really scared of the flu vaccine and were searching rather blindly for alternatives. When the dragon is breathing down your neck, it isn't a good time to be thinking about going with a new sword maker! Before the dragon approaches would be a better time. That means, now is a good time to do some research and decide what is right for you.

I won't make the decision on vaccination or not for anyone but myself. I do understand the need to limit the amount of people getting sick at once. We don't have health care systems that can effectively support the possible impacts of a large scale pandemic. I can tell you that there are a lot options beyond conventional therapy.

It is worth researching nosodes. Nosodes are homeopathic versions of vaccines. The influenzium nosode is prepared each year according to the circulating viruses of that flu season in much the same fashion as the "flu shot". Unlike the conventional vaccine the nosode doesn't contain any other ingredients and it is taken as a grandual or tablet, not in needle form. Taking the nosode introduces your body to the viruses and encourages your immune system to build up a line of defense.

Thymuline is another homeopathic that is often taken in conjunction with a nosode and during "flu season" or any time a persons immune system may be strained. Thymuline stimulates the body's immune system to work effectively.

Perelandra has a specific seasonal flu preparation that is created as an essence. It is directed to be taken during the flu season (which would be now) as 12 drops a day once a day during the season, or twice a day if people around you are sick. This essence can be supplemented with Immune essence and Lymphatic essence to further boost your response.

Oscilloccinum and Homeocoksinum are both packaged forms of combination homeopathics developed from bird virus that may be effective to treat the initial flu symptoms and may prevent the symptoms from worsening if taken on initial onset.

If particular symptoms do occur they can be treated according to the symptoms and what the individual responds to rather than a "one size fits all" treatment. Aconitum, Belladona, Bryonia, Arsenicum, Eupatorum, Mercurius, and Gelsemium are just a few that might be helpful according to the symptoms.

I will admit I take issue with people that refuse the conventional medicine advice to get a flu shot and then rush to use the conventional system when they get sick with the symptoms of influenza. I think that's like not wearing a seat belt and then expecting the health care system to put all their resources into fixing you when you sustain preventable injuries.

I believe we have a personal responsibility for our health. That means realizing that flu season is upon us whether it's H1N1 that circulates this year, or a different strain of bird flu, or something all together different. We all have a responsibility to be prepared to look after ourselves to the best of our abilities. That means doing the research now and creating your Family Flu Plan. Get the supplies you and your family might need to get through a bad bout of illness when you are all healthy and happy and not spreading the virus as you shop in the stores!

If you want more information on flu preparedness ideas, visit my website at - that could be the first place you start to do your research!

Then put together a family preparedness kit and relax. Once you know what your options are, and have the supplies you need you can be prepared not scared. And when the media starts focusing on the fear factor you can be secure in the knowledge that you personally know what to do. Who knows- maybe you'll feel safe enough to go ahead and kiss that swine flu good-bye!

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