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Monday, November 15, 2010

Energy Vampires and Dizzy Spells

First of all, let me just say it took me a long time to search for a vampire picture that was calm enough to post! Wow!, those things are scary and gross!

The subject came up because at the moment I'm reading "Reality Transurfing" by Vadim Zeland. There are three books in the series and the particular one I am reading right now is number "3. Forward to the Past".

Vadim Zeland worked in quantum physics research prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the post-Soviet era he work in the field of IT. Today he lives in Russia and continues to write as he develops new methods for "controlling reality". His books were originally written in Russian and have only recently been translated to English. They are not an "easy read" and I find I have to read them pretty slowly but there is a lot of very interesting information in there that makes sense to me.

Zeland explains that if you are feeling low energy, weak, tired before you even get up and dizzy you might in fact have a low life force. H explains life force as somewhat like your aura, or the electromagnetic field that surrounds you- quantum physics stuff. He explains that there is more than enough external energy to keep supplying you with everything you need but we find it easier to take energy from other people than replenishing our own supply. He says energy vampires tune into your frequency and subconsciously drain your energy. You know that person that always grabs your arm when talking to you, knows howe to adjust to someone's temper and personality, pesters you with small talk and looks intrusively into your eyes? That's an ingratiating vampire according to Zeland. Manipulators are another type. They tune into the frequency of guilt and will find victims from people that submit to judgements, and are looking for advice and support to supply their guilt complex. The third type of vampire Zeland describes is a provoker. These vampires go on the attack getting their victim to loose their temper and get out of balance releasing energy in the process.

People don't set out to be vampires robbing you of energy. People don't see your energy and intentionally try to take it. But through life we all notice that certain situations and circumstances in our reactions with others bring us satisfaction, and a rush of energy. So we try to repeat the experience and that's when we can become vampires and the energy draining occurs.

If after engaging with someone you feel as though your spirits are low, you are weak and dizzy and drained- you might have been in a vampire/victim relationship with the other person. When your life force energy is low you are more likely to get involved in problematic situations and are an easier target so your energy continues and continues to be drained.

You don't have to avoid going out after dark or wear a garlic necklace! Nor do you have to consider who might be a vampire and avoid them. In fact, that kind of conscious thought according to Zeldan might make the problem worse. Instead he suggests you strengthen your protective energy shield.

This protective energy shield concept exists in a lot of alternative energy healing. You visualize the energy field around you and allow energy to flow in and out creating almost a bubble around you as a type of protection. Zeldan descirbes it as imagining a water fountain of energy around you. It isn't about holding energy in or accumulating energy, it's about continually supplying yourself with external energy available from nature- not from someone else. Chakra balancing and reiki treatments to some extent work with this principle.

If you are exposed to "energy vampire situations", there are some essences that might help as well. Perelandra Emergency Trauma Solution(ETS Plus)might address the energy drain. The Bach Flower Aspen might help if you are unsure who is draining the energy from you (check out an earlier post on this blog about Aspen and Halloween), and the Bach Flower Pine might help you deal with the feelings of guilt that could be predisposing you to the drain.

The concept of "vampires" seems to be prevalent in our culture again. There are an incredible number of popular books and movies for teens and young adults that center around vampires. A quick check of the Internet can put you in touch with groups and organizations centered around the concept. You can find accessories and outfits and tattoos and all kinds of things I don't understand on the topic. I wonder if part of the reason for this "return from the past" is because on some level we feel the drain and want to acknowledge it? Maybe Vadim Zeland's "Forward to the Past" title is saying exactly that!!

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  1. As opposed to earlier times, lets say those of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, when people were still pretty reticent in sharing their private lives and problems, today, we are all engaged openly, enthusiastically, and almost hungrily in self-analysis. There is often a real sense of satisfaction in draining the blood of issues that runs through our veins and makes us tick, and then trying to drive a stake through the heart of these issues...
    On the one hand, we have license to explore our true selves during the dark hours of our lives and, on the other hand, that process often exhausts us to the point where we have no choice but rest when the sun of stark illumination comes up and makes the road of self healing ahead of us so daunting that it is easier to close the lid for a while.
    That process repeats itself with many many people and gives energy vampires a looovely playground - after all it's always more fun to play together with others...
    Signing off to put some iodine on that scratch on my neck - wasn't there yesterday...hhmmmm??!!