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Monday, November 22, 2010

Airport Security: A different perspective

I will admit I have this duality thing going on. One side of me is the "Pixie Dust Healing" person and the other is still an "Emergency Manager". I used to (like last month!) think that the emergency manager was going to fade away. Instead I think it is merging with other parts of me. I do believe Essence of Perelandra is helping me make this merger.

So...when I see all the news and Internet hype and controversy about the airport security screening, the merged me sees things from a particular perspective.

The Pixie Dust/Alternative Healing side of me wants to ignore the issue all together. I want to tune out the news and certainly avoid all things negative. I don't read the emails that come my way suggesting I view the pat downs on you-tube videos or examine the science behind how the radiation will cause cancer or consider the conspiracy theories of why government is doing this. I have read Eckhert Tolle and Vadim Zeland and I don't want to get on the pendulums of anger and outrage any more than I want to join the pendulum of fear of attack and destruction.

But then the emergency manager in me sneaks in. I have written a textbook on Emergency Management of Terrorist and Criminal Events. I have researched how easy it is to make and conceal bombs. I have examined the psychology of terrorism and radical groups. There is some cause for concern. Hmm....

Then I "merged myself" (it didn't hurt!) in a moment of clarity. I thought about some of the interviews I have seen on the topic. An airline worker had to remove a prosthetic breast- horrible and degrading and yet, that actually would be a very effective way to conceal plastic explosives. One of her issues was that airline personnel are already heavily screened in the hiring process and therefore shouldn't have to go through regular security at every airport. A senator talked about why such increased security was required but suggested the slow lines could be sped up by allowing some individuals to avoid security all together because they weren't threats and couldn't possibly be terrorists- specifically senators!

What "merged me" realizes is that we are all looking at the "us versus them" mentality. We all know "we": our group, people like us,whatever that means, aren't terrorists, so we should be exempt from such screening. But we do want "them": people that aren't like us, to have to be examined and restricted so we can be safe.

If we could all see each other as fellow humans, connected and a part of each other maybe the issues would dissolve. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get off both pendulums and just admire the technology that enables us to visit family and friends and expand our views and explore our world in ways never before possible.

So I guess the merger isn't complete because I don't have any tangible solutions to make that happen. Maybe it isn't about solutions though- maybe it's just about mass consciousness starting to see things in a different light?

In the meantime- while I think there is still a need for monitoring threat levels I also think the Bach flowers: Beech (for irritation), Mimulus (for known fears), Rock Rose (for terror); and Holly (for anger) might all be helpful depending on your travel perspective!!

I'll go back to chakras now!!

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