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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cutie's Cough: Homeopathics and Respect

In one of the very first blogs I wrote, I introduced you to Cutie, the by no means "miniature", horse. He had a really bad cough and I tried all kinds of natural and homeopathic things. And I worried. And I took it quite personally that I couldn't figure out what he needed. And I worried. And I talked to friends about his cough and tried to convince myself he would be okay. And I worried.

Finally I called Marijke from Riva's Remedies. I really can't do justice to the things that Marijke does in a short blog but she is a Homeopathic Practitioner, an Equine Health and Nutrition Specialist, a Medical Intutitve & Healer, and the author of "Healing Horses: Their Way!". Marijke will do distance consults as well as site visits and she has done amazing things for one of my rescue horses, and for people I know as well.

Marijke talked to Cutie and got the real story. He had got some moldy hay- the last of last years season and I should have listened to my intuition and not given it to him in the first place. He was really struggling with all kinds of resultant immune deficiences and allergic reactions as a result.

Marijke recommended a number of things (and sent them to me- she doesn't make you find them yourself!). All her remedies are natural. Cutie needed a lot of immune boosting help. Even before the package came Cutie seemed different. He still coughed but he seemed to be breathing better. A lot of the remedies he "shared" with his sister and there was no way I could get him to take them (which is strange because Cutie will eat anything) and no way I could stop her from eating them (again not typical behavior). In the end I stopped fighting it and realized this might be part of the arrangement he has with his sister- she is quite a healing horse herself. One remedy that really helped a lot, and Cutie got these without sharing, was Lachesis. This is a homeopathic that among other things works for dry, suffocative cough, difficulty breathing and sore throat- all of which Cutie told Marijke he had! Only a few days of this and he was much much better. The cough persisted for a few weeks but lessened in both frequency and intensity and we all relaxed about it.

What was pretty obvious to me was that Mr. Magnificent (Cutie is just a stage name) really wanted to be respected and listened too and needed the same attention his big sister got! He really needed to talk to Marijke like his sister had and be seen as the important horse he truly is. For weeks after he was really healed he used a cough when he wanted to get my attention!!

Cutie is no longer coughing at all. I am not longer worried. I have learned lessons. Sometimes we need to get help in our healing. Sometimes we need to "call in the specialists". And at the end of the day, all anyone wants is to be listened to- humans and animals alike!

Lachesis works for humans as well by the way. Cutie needed the 30CH preparation which can be found in most health food stores as a homeopathic preparation. He also need a follow up of 1M preparation which in most cases you do have to get through a homeopathic practitioner such as Marijke.

To get more information on Riva's Remedies, check out Marijke's website at

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