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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rings and Things

We really do have a fascination with Royalty. Of all the items that made the news recently, one of the biggest stories seems to be Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. And out of the whole event, one of the most controversial debates appears to be whether or not is it a good or bad thing that the engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate is actually his late mothers' (Lady Di's) famous ring. There are even on-line polling sites where you can place your vote and right a comment as to how you feel on the subject! I personally, don't think they care, or should care, what I think about the matter and I trust they made the decision that was right for them!

The whole controversy did make me think about some rings that have entered my life though. At one point in time I was co-owner of a restaurant- a fast-food franchise actually. A lot of unusual things happened during that period in my life- one of which was that rings seemed to "come to us" through the restaurant. It became not unusual to find a discarded wedding or engagement ring left behind on a table. That seems bizarre to me. They were never found in the washrooms where you might be able to imagine someone had taken it off to wash their hands and left it there. They were never found in the kitchen area in the back where it might have been staff. Rather they were found on table tops, on discarded food trays or in the parking lot.

The first time a ring was left behind we carefully put it in the safe and told staff about it, positive someone would come in tearfully looking for their ring in the hope that someone had retrieved it. I imagined how good it was going to feel to be able to tell them that "Yes" we had carefully put it away for them. Not the case- NEVER has anyone come back or phoned looking for one. And yet, people called from out of the country when they realized they had left a ball hat behind and asked if we could "please ship it back to them"- we did. They have returned for scarfs, mittens, toys, and I have seen people dive between cars in the parking lot for a stray coin. Yet the rings remained homeless.

After several years of being in the safe, we figured maybe we should see if we could do something with the rings. One of them really "called to me" and for some reason I put it on. I loved it and it was the perfect fit! I wore it and was feeling good about it when I met up with a friend that does channelling. She felt very clearly that I should not wear the ring, and had very specific direction as to what I should do with it. I followed her instructions. I took the ring immediately to another friend who does "clearings" and by times has released spirits from objects such as jewelery. I had already taken the ring off feeling it wasn't mine to wear and wasn't really a good thing. The friend did the same thing I did and immediately tried it on-even though I had told her the instructions I had received with the caveat that maybe there was a rather unhappy soul attached to it.

My friend is still wearing the ring. She loves it and does feel some spiritual attraction to it but believes it is right for her. In fact it seems to have brought her some luck and positive energy. This ring is on quite a journey. When the time is right my friend feels she will pass it on to someone else that needs it.

The other rings are still homeless. I wonder what stories they can tell? It does seem that spiritual energy is everywhere and the energy of people still lingers on their jewelery- particularly significant pieces like rings or favorite necklaces. Maybe that is why we find so much comfort in pieces we have from loved ones. I cherish my mother's engagement ring and my grandmother's as well. I don't feel I could ever wear them but I like having them around.

As for Kate and William- I think the spirit of Lady Di is a force to be reckoned with: both a constant and a comfort in their lives anyway. Maybe the world just needed to see that ring again?

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