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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tell me your thoughts: Post a comment on the blog

I really had no idea how do a blog when I started this, or if it would work at all, but it's a little over a month into the process and I am enjoying it and will continue. I can check out the "stats" and have discovered that actually a lot of people are reading this stuff. The audience includes connections from Canada, United States, Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Australia. Awesome!

Sometimes it feels kind of lonely though- just posting my thoughts and not hearing a lot in return. I was hoping for some dialogue, bantering ideas back and forth and growing in the process. Thanks to those that do post comments! However, I did realize in conversation yesterday that maybe some people have considered or tried to post a comment and it wasn't clear how to do it!

To post a comment you have to "sign in" to the blog. This isn't painful at all. You just click the sign in button on the top right hand side and will be asked for your email address and a password. The reason for doing this is so that I can control and block nasty comments and means you take ownership (your email address does) for your thoughts!

There is another button on the blog to "Follow" the blog. If you click this you are also asked for your email address and password and you can attach a picture of anything you choose to identify yourself. It can be a picture of you or something that represents you or something you like. You don't have to put up a picture- it's optional. If you join the blog as a "follower" you don't get any email updates, new posting notifications or anything like you do with Facebook. It just means that anyone that goes to the blog can see who is sometimes reading this stuff. It's kind of like identifying your friends on Facebook or one of the social networking sites. And it makes me feel good to see some followers up there!!

So if you like the site and are checking in often I would love it if you would join as a follower. Even better, post a comment so I'll know I'm not all alone out there in cyber space!!

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