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Friday, November 5, 2010

Money grows on trees!

For any of you that grew up like I did within a predominately Scottish heritage in an area like Nova Scotia where trees are one of the most obvious natural resources, you have probably heard the expression, "What do you think- that money grows on trees"? This was an expression I commonly heard when putting in a request for something I was unlikely to get! The answer to the question however, is "yes". Money does grow on trees, at least the higher denomination bills do! In fact, I am old enough that coins stopped at 25 cents so definitely the money grew on trees, or at least "from" trees. Pointing out that fact would not have got the results I was desiring, but still it's an interesting concept.

The picture on this blog is actually of a money tree. I have such a plant- it seems to be growing well, and is supposed to bring me prosperity. I am grateful for it's beauty and it's ability to grow despite my lack of knowledge as to what it might need, but I haven't see more bills in my wallet as a result.

When talking with my friend "Wise Woman" today, we were discussing this concept of money. The question is, why does there seem to be such a disconnect to what brings us money and our true value? Why do so many healers have difficulty actually charging for their services, or putting a price to the things they are doing that actually make a difference in people's lives?

Why is it that the government (Canadian at least) will provide free of charge an influenza shot to anyone that needs it at a cost of well over $100.00 but if you want to buy a homeopathic nosode, use Perelandra Flu essences, or any of the other available and much cheaper treatments you are on your own?

I will admit I don't feel like I ever really understood the concept of money and we seem to be even further removed from it now. Most times money doesn't even exchange hands. We are more likely to use debit cards, credit cards, transfers, even paypal as methods of transactions. Somehow we don't even own or see the bills anymore. When you sell a house for instance, no actual money is really involved. Figures just get switched around in computers. And what about those savings plans and investments- how do you actually buy stock without giving anyone money? How do we assign the value to things the way we do through money that we never even see? Why do we think it makes sense to pay great sports players and entertainers far more money than most healers see in a lifetime. Does that mean that we value being able to go see a good movie or a hockey game on television more than having cancer healed?

It does seem that if most of us couldn't actually produce anything to support or claims for our "net worth", the whole system could quite easily topple?? I wonder...Would things be any different if it did all crash? Hmm..

I have no answer to these questions but just thought maybe I would inspire someone to write me a comment.

Oh, and if anyone wants more information on natural flu treatments check out my website Reading the website is free- buying the treatments will cost you some money, but you can use paypal!!


  1. uh uh uh uh - touchy subject, Heather....
    but so very timely!! Just had a thought: a couple of days ago, I traded my beloved truck for hay. I could have gotten more MONEY, had I advertised it over kijiji, because the truck was worth more in money terms. But then...., I know that it is in good hands now with someone who appreciates the truck and what it can do. It is not dissembled for parts. I see it every day I drive by the new owner's yard and it looks "at home". The trade did something for my wellness - it set free these little immunity boosters called endorphins. How many endorphins are set free when you get money in your hand that quickly is spent on something most often "to meet a financial obligation". Who of us has the luxury to sell a truck and spend that money on something that really gives us pleasure? Not too many people I know. So, the trade was actually very beneficial for my health.
    It might be interesting to follow the story of the couple, who recently won 11 million dollars and is giving it all away. The woman has cancer - I'd love to know the impact of that generosity, definitely endorphin creating act...
    And, Heather, do you really keep money in your walnut? My mother would be most interested in that concept ;o)

  2. See I told you I didn't really understand money well- I always thought you were supposed to keep in your walnut- do you mean it should be a wallet??? Hmm...

    That is interesting about the couple that gave the money away. I thought their story would make an interesting book. I wonder about it though- seems like a different decision for her than for him and I wondered how it will all look in the future...

  3. I wouldn't want to bet anything that's in your walnut but my sense is that in case of the couple with the 11 million dollars, they're both pretty much in the same spiritual zone even though their bodies are in different phases...